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Re: Being a great community?!

Hi again,

I like the volunteer list idea! Where would recommend posting it? If I could do more than volunteer, I would?but I have no experience as an "Activist." I know NYCares got funding through "Community Sponsors." That is why I mentioned the tax incentive route....

I wish I knew of a way to act on a larger scale, but that has not been my experience. I AM willing to learn new skills though in order to help figure out a way to help the homeless in our community.

Posted on: 2014/11/15 0:34

Re: Being a great community?!

Thanks for responding.

What have I done to help remedy this problem you ask?
Good Question! And Full Disclosure: Not nearly enough obviously!

To be honest, mostly I listen and observe. It may not sound like much, but try yourself to get a stranger on the street to listen to your problems and see how successful you are? Nobody has time.

I have been a past volunteer in the kitchens of and am willing to volunteer at our local shelter once they get their bedbug issue under control.

I try to hire homeless people for tasks as much as I can and usually find myself handing over whatever is in my pocket to aid them in their "situation."

I KNOW this is not the best way to go about things according to research. By posting on the JCList, I am hoping to learn, and get better ideas of what I CAN do as a community member.

What have you done to help remedy this problem? Maybe you have some better experience at these things? I am interested in helping.

Posted on: 2014/11/14 23:54

Being a great community?!

The Homeless Shelters are filling up in Jersey City and connected boroughs this time of year especially!

We have just ONE unisex homeless shelter in Jersey City that "sources on the street" say has BEDBUGS currently.

Look out your window and in your local parks! The homeless population has been growing exponentially. Plus, it's getting cold! With all this new construction in the area, can't we provide a new clean homeless shelter through tax incentives or other means?

We are fortunate enough to have a great diverse community of people here in Jersey City. Isn't looking out for the less fortunate, an obligation of being the great community that we aspire to be?

Think about this the next time you pass a homeless person sleeping in your local park and feel distaste! We have an obligation to build shelters for these less fortunate human beings in our community, don't we???

Posted on: 2014/11/14 22:36

Pumpkin Stealer

Beware pumpkin fans! Large pumpkin was stolen from off Jersey Ave. stoop last night or this morning.

Posted on: 2014/10/14 17:07




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