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Re: Several local politicians arrested on corruption charges

"Healy looks TERRIBLE. Saw him last night on the news. His face is all busted up with some sort of rash, he has a big bandage on his face, and he's a disheveled mess."

OK ... but what I want to know: was Healy wearing his limited edition Adidas Originals Campus 80 House of Pain sneakers? ... 3/one_black_parade_9.html

Posted on: 2009/7/25 20:14

Re: Several local politicians arrested on corruption charges

Does anyone know the name of the diner mentioned in the federal criminal complaint where the alleged wrongful acts took place?



Or IHOP (International House of Payoffs)?

Posted on: 2009/7/25 20:06

Re: Several local politicians arrested on corruption charges

Healy's now-famous phrase ? " I did nothing wrong at anytime." ? does contain a hidden truth. Just re-arrange the letters and you get:

Dinged ignominy worth a taint.

That's Healy in a nutshell.

Posted on: 2009/7/25 5:34

Re: Dentist Recommendation

Alexander Milman on Grand Street is excellent. This is not a flashy practice, no gleaming high-tech surfaces or expensive waiting room decor; but rest assured: the equipment is modern, everything is squeaky clean, and Milman really knows his stuff. I particularly enjoy the fact that he does all the work himself (at least he has in my case, heavy duty work as well as simple stuff like cleaning). For example, recently I had a serious case of gingivitis brewing. That's what brought me to Milman in the first place. Milman took some X-rays, discussed the issue, and I agreed to proceed; he performed a full-mouth ultrasonic scaling treatment right there on the spot (no second visit, he did entire mouth in a single session, not in two or four sessions, with two or four separate fees, as some dentists might). The ultrasonic took more than an hour and was a bit of an ordeal, even with the topical novocane; but it was definitely worth it. I think I spit out more blood that day than Muhammad Ali did after the Thilla in Manila. But that procedure, plus two weeks of rinsing with chlorhexidine gluconate ... and I feel like I have a whole new mouth. Dr. Milman's fees are also very fair. What's not to like?

Posted on: 2008/6/8 1:27

Re: Goldman Sachs Move?

"With increased outsourcing and more effcient technology, there is no need to have 100K analysts in Jersey City when they could be doing the same job india for 10K with better results."

Hey buddie, I work in offshoring to India, PI, Vietnam and other places. To give you an example, our firm just won a nice chunk of the GM re-compete business. Based on everything I've seen and heard, the kind of financial analysis being outsourced to India (and other places) is low-grade garden variety ... not work that would otherwise be performed by $100K analysts in the States. BTW, you need to work on your spelling if you hope to achieve "better results".

Posted on: 2006/1/30 5:02




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