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Re: Amy Engelhardt "My Way Or The Parkway" houseconcert downtown JC 4/27

*bump* this happens tonight! i can squeeze a few more people in if anyone wants to make a last minute reservation. Thanks!

Posted on: 2019/4/27 11:44

Re: End of AirBnB in Jersey City?

We have been all around the world and always stayed in interesting AirBnBs. AirBnBs are cheaper than the hotels and provide a unique experience of living in a home with kitchen.
We now own 1 AirBnb apartment and we intend to grow.
AirBnBs are bringing additional tax revenues to Jersey City (1.9 million last year) and additional business/job for restaurants, cleaners and hosts. There is no abnormal evidence of any AirBnB guests causing issues for our Jersey City. At least no documented evidence is provided in favor of the ordinance. AirBnB and Uber like peer to peer businesses are the future.
Because of AirBnBs and accessibility to New York, Jersey City is now known to many tourists.
If there are issues and problems with current set-up of AirBnBs or guests in Jersey City then I am sure that they can be solved without banning AirBnBs.
I think it is wrong to ban AirBnB. If you support AirBnBs then please join this facebook page and whatsapp group.

Posted on: 2019/4/26 1:33

Amy Engelhardt "My Way Or The Parkway" houseconcert downtown JC 4/27

Hi all,

I'm hosting a house concert with Amy Engelhardt on Saturday. Formerly of A Capella group The Bobs, she has been doing solo music, comedy and theatre the past few years. Based in L.A., her last big NYC project was a musical called Bastard Jones that she cowrote with Mark Acito (writer of George Takei's ALLEGIANCE). She's a regular performer on Harry Shearer (Simpsons/Spinal Tap/Christopher Guest flicks) "Christmas Without Tears" tour.... she's got some new projects in the pipeline so come on over and hear about them. It'll be a night of music and laughs. Text me at 6302401025 for more info or to reserve seats. $20 donation and all merch sales go to the artist and you get free snacks and don't have to leave your neighborhood! Facebook event here: Facebook Event

Posted on: 2019/4/22 23:47

Re: Hudson West Folk Fest- Volunteers needed

Still looking for a few bodies for helping right the church after the show, bartending later on in the fest, etc. Website is in the original post.
Of note: local music fans, we've got Jersey City based Freedy Johnston and pseudo Jersey City based Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes booked amidst our other regional and national artists.

Posted on: 2018/9/3 16:39

Hudson West Folk Fest- Volunteers needed

Hi All,

We have a few volunteer slots still open for the Hudson West Folk Fest on September 8th. Volunteers will work only part of the day but have admission for the whole fest. We need folks for things like ticketing assistance and putting things away at the end of the evening.

We're also selling advance tickets at a discount. The fest runs from noon-10 and your pass is good for the whole day. We have some insanely great artists, and some really fun workshops (do you want to learn how to yodel?) included with admission.

I can also use another food vendor- if you know anyone who can work indoors and would like a great day of sales, let us know!

If you're interested in ANY of the above options, tickets and volunteer/vendor contact options are on our website. Hudson West Folk Festival

Finally, check out or Facebook page for features on all our musicians. Hudson West Folk Fest

Posted on: 2018/8/25 16:33

Re: Houseconcert downtown JC Wednesday, 6/27

Still have space for reservations tonight. interesting snacks, great music. We'll start the first set at 7:30, have a break and then another set, so feel free to come for part of the shindig. My info's on the first post if you're interested.

Posted on: 2018/6/27 15:20

Houseconcert downtown JC Wednesday, 6/27

There are still open seats for my houseconcert next Wednesday the 27th starring Adam Levy of the Honeydogs. He's an amazing singer-songwriter from Minneapolis who's worked with producers like John "Strawberry" Fields and artists such as Michael Penn and Aimee Mann. Bring a requested donation of $20, which goes 100% to the artist, and enjoy healthy and unhealthy, cold and hot snacks. Non-booze will also be available, you can BYOB if desired (in moderation, I can't afford any more broken mandolins). Houseconcerts are a great chance to meet your neighbors and discover new music. Check out the Facebook invite for more info. We're near 4th/Coles, RSVP to get the address.

For any music nerds here, this is not the Norah Jones guy, they just have the same name.Adam Levy At AJ Mahal

Posted on: 2018/6/19 23:59

Very Large Garage and Estate Sale Tools Furniture Free and 1$ Stuff Sat-Sun 10-2

Very Large Garage and Estate Sale Tools Furniture Free and 1$ Stuff
Sat-Sun Between 10-2
Address 237 7th Street Jersey City
On Seventh Street Between Jersey Ave and Erie Street

Free Stuff
1 Dollar Stuff
Lots of Tools
Antique Rugs
Building Material
Many Many other things

Posted on: 2018/6/15 23:51

Re: Folk Music Festival

Food from Gia's Gelato and Cafe, Taste of Poland, Gusti di Sicilia and Bread & Spoon.

Vendors with art, apothecary, vintage, jewelry, skincare, etc.

Small workshops including a finger-picking guitar workshop by Guitar Bar, and vocals from some of the artists

Roving sketch artists covering the show live

TEN HOURS long- the wristband gets you in/out whenever over the day. Advance discounted tickets on sale thru the site.

Posted on: 2017/9/7 3:31

Re: Residential construction question : Side window and extension

I did speak with an architect and offered to hire him for his services. Your comments are very valuable. I will seek professional help, but glad that you all were able to provide the insight. Thanks again

To answer a question. We were planning on buying the whole building and using the commercial place for our own business.

Posted on: 2016/1/12 4:40

Re: Residential construction question : Side window and extension

Dear All,

Thank you very much. This means a lot to us. We need to build as per our plans in order to be able to pay the price. Hence the questions.

One more

total lot if 18x50
first floor (restaurant) is 18x42
second and third floor (residential) are 18x35

We will be extending second and third floor up to 42. I understand that all properties are required to leave 15 feet in rear. Here first floor (restaurant) is already built up to 42. Not sure if it was legally built with approved plans. It looks like we need an exception approval to extend second and third floor to built till 42 feet. Is it obvious since the first floor is built till 42, we will be allowed to build till 42? Are there any cases where city may reject the extension above the first floor?

Posted on: 2016/1/11 16:52

Re: Residential construction question : Side window and extension

Thanks for the advice. Appreciate it.

Posted on: 2016/1/9 19:45

Residential construction question : Side window and extension

Attached House : side window of the neighbor and our wall


We are in the process of buying a house in JC Downtown. I would appreciate if any contractor or architects can comment on these questions.

Our house is an attached row house on both sides. Neighboring property has a window opening on side facing our house.

We want to extend our house all the way to the back of the first floor and add a floor. Neighbor's house is not occupied and undergoing complete renovation.

Questions : Please refer to the attached image for the side layout

1. Since neighbor has a window opening on 2nd floor are we allowed to extend the 2nd and 3rd floor all the way back to cover same area as the first floor?
2. We have an option to do narrow extension and leave 2-3 feet between the window and our wall. How much minimum distance are we required to leave between the neighbor's window and our extension.
3. Are we allowed to add a floor to match the height of the attached neighbor?s house?

Please recommend any good architecture, engineering firms or general contractors.


Link to the layout

Layout link

Resized Image

Posted on: 2016/1/9 15:06

Re: Noise Complaint, worth it to call in?

Please, please, call it in. We had to call the police at 3 am Sunday night (after those lovely midnight fireworks). There was a pack of drunks running, jumping and screaming and pounding on the rooftops on 4th between Jersey and Coles. Stuff like that is not only a nuisance, but would be a nightmare if they fell off someone's roof, and at least a big headache if they're damaging property because the cops have to catch them doing it.

Posted on: 2015/5/28 21:57

Re: Basement Water proofing, Sump pump, Architect

I didn't understand what you mean. We are downtown. Very close to hamilton park. Water usually gushes from one corner of the basement. It comes very fast. I am thinking that part of the foundation may have cracks or may have been rotten. We get leaves in the water. Neighbors have a pit around that area that may collect water during the heavy rain and as a result over the years the foundation may have weaken.

Hence thinking of repairing that part of the foundation. Adding another sump pump and few other small things.

Do you know anyone good?

Posted on: 2014/7/15 22:16

Basement Water proofing, Sump pump, Architect

Does anyone has any recommendations for a good General Contractor who can do basement water proofing, install sump pump and may be able to look at the structure/foundation issues?

Posted on: 2014/7/15 11:48




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