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Re: PJ Ryan's has a new Chef/Menu (hello vegan options)

no love for the heights, western slope, and greenville

Posted on: 2016/2/12 19:53

Re: Anti-gentrification activist

This girl was born in 1993 or 94 so as others have pointed out she has lived half her life in a JC that's changing for the better.

It's funny that in the article ( ... entrification_yellin.html ) she's at 9 Bar Cafe. I guess it's fine for her to hang out in such places but not 'yuppie scum'. I don't know the history of that place, was it there before the yuppies came?

Also, she's half pinay. A Filipina. When JC started getting a lot of Filipinos it displaced whomever was there before. Would she be OK if whatever (ethnic) group that was displaced started a "Go home Filipino scum" campaign?

If anything, this person would be ultra hipster scum. She goes to Hampshire College, an alternative education liberal arts college with no grades or GPAs.

The "go have brunch somewhere else" person lists 'Brunch Parties' as an interest.

"Devyn Manibo is a full time diva and East Coast based interdisciplinary artist working primarily in multi-media installation with a basis in diasporic affect, kinship, queer narratives of home and trauma through a postcolonial/neocolonial lens. She creates and collaborates as a means of cultivating space for resistance, survival, and love for and by her communities. She believes in femme supremacy, and has a love for extravagance and the illusion of lavish. She can usually be found race raging, shade bending, and averting your settler colonialist gaze with a resting glare of displeasure.

Also, please read this Anti-oppression Link Round-up, especially if you're white. If you don't, you're gonna need to leave."

Posted on: 2015/6/17 14:31

Re: Fee based classes in Hamilton Park??

Aren't the farmer's markets and events like the big BBQ commercial activities by virtue of businesses profiting? The fact that they have city sponsorship/permits of course separates them from things like the bootcamp which presumable doesn't have a permit, but they are all still commercial activities.

Posted on: 2015/4/28 15:16

Re: 800+ pedestrians hurt, 19 killed, on JFK Blvd. in past 10 years

The most egregious thing I've seen has been in JSQ going south where JSQ turns into Bergen Ave and intersects with Sip Ave. There are 4 lanes at that intersection. One that is right turn only and always has 2-4 cars parked there (why don't cops ticket there? easy money), 2 that keep heading south, and one that is left turn only and has it's own light.

At that intersection, I saw a guy cross on sip going east from the dunkin donuts. The light for traffics going south was green. This fucker hops across like he is Frogger, standing between lanes as cars zip by, waiting for an opening so he can scurry to the next spot between lanes, and he continues this way until he gets to the median.

What does he do at the median? He spots a bus going north that he wants to either catch or outrun. The bus is going slowly on the right most lane going north. This idiot starts running north in the left and center lanes until he (on foot) overtakes the bus in the right most lane. All of this while holding a coffee cup.

What is wrong with people? This is why people get run over.

Posted on: 2015/4/9 17:19

Re: What's going there?

Some residential development will be going up on the corner of Palisade Ave and Bowers where the fitness bootcamp is. 26-27 residential units, 16 parking spaces, and 39 bike spaces. There will also be retail space on the ground floor. Sounds like this will exacerbate an already shitty parking situation in the area.

Posted on: 2015/4/5 16:07

Re: JC local celebs

More like the author's friends and acquaintances, most likely. The author is part of the small JC downtown 'arts scene'.

Posted on: 2014/6/20 17:25




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