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regarding commercial property as a neighbor

A store is opening next door to my home in the Heights, where I've lived for 15 years. When we bought our house, the ground floor space of the house next door was empty and two rental apartments above were occupied. A new owner bought this property shortly thereafter. The ground floor remained empty for many years and the two apartments were always rented. I've inquired from the city and found this is a mixed commercial/residential property and although it's not been utilized as such for maybe 30 or more years, it's still legal to do so now. I didn't even think to ask about this when we bought the house (my mistake as a first-time home owner). Over the last year this space has been slowly outfitted for everything needed for a convenience store/deli. The owner is working on the place more over the last few months. He's put in big plate glass windows, a big roll down gate on one side and seems to be ready to move in, They've put in shelves, refrigerators, outdoor lights, etc. Tonight they put up a big sign, very ugly. The sign lists all the products they will sell, including cigarettes, cigars, wraps, sandwiches, soda, groceries, lottery, etc. The sign also lists their hours as being open 7 days a week from 6a.m to 8pm. All this is very troubling to me for reasons of cleanliness, more traffic, unsightliness and devaluation of property. I don't know if it's all legal, but certainly I had no communication that this was going to happen until the work began. As of yet the store isn't open. I heard they may not have a C of O yet. I guess I'm asking if there's anything I can do, how I can check if all this is legal, including hours and products being sold, size of windows, even. Or any thoughts, ideas, or similar experience anyone has. I really don't want to move, as I like the neighborhood and love my home. Thanks for your time and thoughts.

Posted on: 2015/10/28 3:00

Re: new window installation


Posted on: 2015/9/14 13:46

Re: new window installation

I am not a shill. I am really looking for window installation at my home in JC. Whomever wrote that I am a shill is mistaken. And I am an artist and professor at NJCU as stated.

I am actually looking for a legitimate business or contractor to do the work. I'll check Home Depot and Lowes, too. Thanks. Mauro

Posted on: 2015/9/13 17:47

new window installation

I'm looking for an individual or business that installs new windows for my home. thanks. Mauro

Posted on: 2015/9/11 15:42




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