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Re: Lions of Judah being removed from church/synagogue/mosque on Grove?


tern wrote:
My understanding of the historic districts is that they are specific to the preservation of historic Greek/Italianette row houses and brownstones. I have the guidlines somewhere, and it says in the preamble something like "the historic notability lies in the collective impact of the rows of housing."

So buildings in the districts are either contributing - they form part of this histroric character, or non-contributing, they are a building that does not form part of this.

Does this synagogue from part of this historic character the districts were defined to preserved? It does not sound like it does, is it even contemporary with the row-houses the historic guidlines reference?


Not an architect but I believe the mosque/synagogue/church is a mixed style building (just like City Hall and most of the brownstones downtown) reflecting the various styles that were popular during the period of construction (late 1800s, consistent with the rest of van vorst park historic area that it is located in).

As for the use of concrete/terracotta, most of the doorways of the brownstone on grove street have non-natural stone ornaments which are typical of the style(s) (and which you are correct to point out are often the first piece of the building to visibly deteriorate as they are very exposed to the elements). If the lions are original, removing them instead of restoring them would go against the fundamental goals of preserving historic buildings.

Posted on: 2014/12/2 18:42

Re: Boarding house neighbor partially blocks my driveway. What are my options?


What part of town are you in?

While certainly an inconvenience, the fact that you can exit your driveway means that the driveway isn't technically "blocked." If you are ever unable to get in or out of your driveway because it is blocked then please call the JCPA. If you are unable to enter your driveway because it is blocked a summons should/will be issued. If you are unable to exit, then a summons will be issued and the car will be towed.

JCPA: (201) 653-6969


luvHomeMyJC wrote:
Hey fellow residents:

My neighbor has tenants that partially block my driveway. There are ample of street parking yet seem like purely driven by convenience they block their driveway and in process partially block me. I have complained to the landlord and the tenants but every so often the tenants change and gotta start all over again.

I can wiggle and pull my car out but that means that during rush hr my vision is potentially blocked on both sides while pulling out my car.


Posted on: 2013/12/31 15:17




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