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Re: SOUP SWAP 2014!

Lots of people have food restrictions for whatever reasons (allergies, religious restriction, diet) and in the past 2 years, each cook has disclosed whether their soup is made with an animal-based broth, or contains bacon, etc. This is a nice community event for January, and everyone has been very relaxed and personable! See everyone on Sunday!

Posted on: 2014/1/24 19:37

Re: Storefronts on Newark Ave


letsgomets wrote:
the biggest problem with newark ave isn't the dollar stores, chicken shops, electronic places etc... its that there are too many of them. One dollar store is enough.

The biggest, biggest, biggest problem though is the empty shops. There are several empty storefronts walking towards the path. Instead of kicking out businesses... we ought to fill those empty storefronts first.

EXACTLY - One more pizza/wings/chicken joint, another nail salon, realtor office, or dry cleaners is what we DON'T need . Variety is the spice of life, and is what will serve our nice little diverse community, and sustain the business, whatever it shall be. Alot of old "main street shopping districts" suffer from exactly what Newark Ave is struggling with - been to Perth Amboy or Elizabeth recently? Change is happening, however slowly, and we should each be patronizing our local indepenent businesses in the meantime.

Posted on: 2013/8/1 17:36

Re: Racist text messages sent to St. Peter's Prep student running in school election: cops


Vigilante wrote:
Kids being kids. Stupid, childish and not surprising. Hardly worth a news story though.

These aren't "kids being kids" - these are young adults learning to navigate their way through the world, beginning in one of the most ethnically and racially diverse cities in the region. This behavior needs to stop right now, before these "kids" learn that bullying and hatred and anonymous intimidation tactics are acceptable. It's sneaky and essentially cheating the democratic system.
And it is most certainly worth a news story, just as we see other young people actually committing suicide after their bullies use social media to humiliate and attack them. If it is an adult sending these messages to a child, then I just don't know how to respond, other than prosecute that adult for harassing a child.
And the "kids being kids" excuse can be likened to the "boys being boys' explanation that has been offered up as reason for rape, assault, and other violence that no one seems to want to deal with.

Posted on: 2013/5/18 14:39

Re: It's Greek To Me - OUT OF BUSINESS

Well their food was OK but I agree, too damned expensive. Any number of possibilities for this prime "restaurant row" space, but please, no more pizza and wings establishments. (Same goes for nail salons and dry cleaners). However, it might be nice for another bagel/breakfast joint to open up, I don't think the 15 person lines for giant bread-y bagels at WonderBagel are merited. Just a suggestion.

Posted on: 2013/5/16 16:02

Re: Congrats to new Jersey City Mayor Tommy Carcetti!

Don't be so cynical! (not yet at least).

Posted on: 2013/5/15 14:20

Re: No more taxpayer funding for the Loew's, Jersey City mayor says

Are you kidding me?
The theatre does classic movie screenings 1 weekend a month - do you know how expensive it is to screen current films - it's not fiscally possible for the Loews to transform into an AMC or Regal Cinemas.
The Loews can be rented out for social/cultural events, festivals and concerts by civic organizations who do not have a space of their own, or are seeking to host at a venue that is accessible to many people.
As for the arts and history not being worth funding, take a look at successful arts and historic districts, they have to be supported by taxpayers until they can stand on their own.
Just because events are not popular with you personally, doesn't mean they are not valued by the community at large. Journal Square is underserved, the neighborhood as well as the residents -old and new, and the theater provides an historic setting and preserves a piece of Jersey City's diminishing commercial architecture.
The city provides a small but important percentage of funding for the theater, which is run by 2 part time staff members as well as a slew of volunteers. Personally, I'd rather see my $$$ go into the theater rather than another private "park" on the Newport waterfront. Shame on Mayor Healy!

Posted on: 2013/4/6 18:49




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