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Re: Cops: Jersey City bar patrons unhelpful after shots fired
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

There is no bar on this corner.
Another quality fact finding mission by the Jersey Journal.

Posted on: 2015/8/3 14:23

Re: Man stabbed near Journal Square... he said he didn't have any money
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Wishful Thinking, are you serious?
?When I first moved to Manhattan in the late 1980s, we all carried ?mug money?

Who the hell is ?we???
Certainly not me or anyone I know. Someone try's to take your money you sort it.

And Zerkski, Bodhipooh is spot on with his below assessment of Wishful.

You have obviously not read enough of Wishfuls postings to grasp the full scope of his ?poor me, life has not gone as I planned? moronic complaining. Bodhipooh has summed it up nicely and accurately below.

Factor in my other problem with this constant complainer (who?s only been victimized by his own stupidity) is his constant bashing of the Heights. A neighborhood I have loved and lived in for 25 years. Never has the world owed anyone a favor greater than this whiner.

A shame you can?t sell that condo Wishful, the Heights can?t get rid of you fast enough.....
Stop complaining and change your lot in life if it?s so taxing....unbelievable.

Posted on: 2015/6/2 19:42

Re: Is Jersey City Real Estate in a bubble?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Agreed...and exactly my point.

There are also so many nice streets up here with beautiful victorians. Is it all great? Of course not. But as a whole, not a bad place to live, and getting better by the day.

Posted on: 2015/5/18 19:16

Re: Is Jersey City Real Estate in a bubble?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

A real estate agent tried to convince me to buy in the Heights 20 years ago.

I went with my gut and bought.

3 houses later it is unequivocally the greatest decision of my life.

You will not find a better place to get yourself going on the real estate ladder. Take it for what it's worth.

This new boom is just starting...

Posted on: 2015/5/18 18:15

Re: Auto Body Shop
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk


377 7th St, Jersey City, NJ 07302
Cross Streets: Between Division St and Brunswick St

Does incredible work in the cleanest body shop you will ever encounter. Staff extremely helpful and if you have Geico insurance, they have an office next door.

Not cheap, but work is top notch.

Posted on: 2015/5/18 14:35

Re: Is Jersey City Real Estate in a bubble?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

How clueless are you?
"Knowing how things are in the Heights"...
Do you mean nice and safe?
Do you mean great location to New York and Hoboken?
Do you mean more bang for your dollar per square foot than any other place in the city? Where you can purchase a house with a garage and yard and actually how room to move around?
Do you mean where you can buy a brownstone that would be over a million dollars in Brooklyn, Hoboken and downtown JC for half the price in a nice neighborhood?

Is this what you mean?

Don't be jealous as to what's going on up here. The Heights has always been one of the nicest and most underrated parts of the city and it's finally getting it's due.

If you had any sense at all, you should've bought up here.
You didn't, so stay in Greenville and be bitter.

Unbelievable,... get a clue, please.

Posted on: 2015/5/18 14:12

Re: Heights River View Fisk Park Pavillion? 2 1/2 Years since Sandy
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

jmiz -
Are you serious?
2 1/2 years constitutes no progress.
This should've been fixed immediately. This is an eyesore in our most iconic park and it's progress as far as it being fixed has been a disgrace.

Posted on: 2015/4/10 14:53

Heights River View Fisk Park Pavillion? 2 1/2 Years since Sandy
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

It appears the "give the mayor no problems" neighborhood of the Heights continues down the ignored path in the progress of Jersey City.

Let's review quickly:
5 high rise cranes downtown

New developments in Greenville:
"This week we hosted a groundbreaking ceremony today with local developer John Fiorito, Ward F Councilwoman Diane Coleman, Councilwoman-at-large Joyce Watterman, and community advocate June Jones at the site of what will soon be a brand new 83 unit residential apartment complex."

Entire new neighborhoods being formed where there weren't neighborhoods before: SoHo West

And here it is 2 1/2 years since Hurricane Sandy and we still cannot get one godam Pavillion built?

This is our main icon (on websites and letterheads) in our most visually appealing park, yet it sits graffiti covered and destroyed nearly a 1000 days after the storm.
This is so unacceptable.

Personally sent letters to Michael Yun and city hall..nothing.
Why is this so difficult to sort??

Little hint to Mr. Mayor.
It's ok to show face up here every once in a while.

Anybody have any info on the Pavillion?

Posted on: 2015/4/10 14:37

Re: Parc Harrison Condos Reviews (260 Harrison Ave) please
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Well done Alee 2.
Pepples once again chiming in on something she knows nothing aobut: the Heights.
Lack of public transportation? What?

And dtjcview view of the area being "edgy" is considerate.
Good luck at night. I know. I lived on Bentley for 4 years.

Calisunshine: you should look at the Heights.
The most underrated, underappreciated and safest part of the city.
You will get more bang for your buck than anyplace else in the city.

Posted on: 2015/3/19 15:44

Re: Jersey City: Moving beyond the 'Gold Coast'
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Well done Christine and spot on.

?Couple of decades away from that I think. I would bet that Harrison, NJ attracts development before the Heights. People like that 24-hour subway. The southern portion of the Heights, walkable to Journal Square station, will see some action in the next decade I?d think?

Are you serious? Decades away? How long have you been living in this city?
It?s roll in?s like you who post on this board without any clue as to what you are writing.

Developments? We have so many new homes being built up here it too numerous to count.
We do not need and never have had large scale buildings. It?s always been more residential and that?s how it will stay. That?s how we like it.

Harrison NJ..what? You can?t possibly be serious.

I?m a 27 year resident of the Heights and it is the most underrated, under appreciated part of the city.
It?s not bad now, never has been bad and is now in the process of a major change with new business and urbanites moving in.
Safe as safe can be in Jersey City.

Did it ever occur to you (and others who continue to harp on this), that not being close to a transportation hub has absolutely no bearing to some people? There are other things called...wait for it...BUSES!

I?ve lived here a long time because of it?s location to Hoboken and New York. Unparalleled and affordable.
Why others have not moved up here sooner baffles me, but I?m glad it?s happening now.

By living on the east side of the Heights I am:
1 minute to Hoboken (where most of my social life resides)
4 minutes to the Holland tunnel.
9 minute drive to downtown Manhattan.
I can ride my bike down the hill to the path train or walk 15 minutes from the 100 steps off Ogden.
Hurricanes, blizzards and floods. Everybody stuck. I walk home.
When I come out of the Path train after a good night of drinking in Gotham, I am 5 minutes from home with a $5 Uber ride. Brilliant!

Good luck getting to Harrison NJ....jeez..get a clue.

How about real estate? Want an affordable house with a parking spot and a yard? Yep, this is the place.

Wishful Thinking -
Unequivocally, the biggest Heights basher on JC List. I?m baffled as to why you still live here if you hate it so.

Nothing may be happening from the Mayors office, but as Christine pointed out, much is happening around you. Open your eyes.

My biggest pet peave?
The absolute filth of our streets (another thread for another day) which I have taken up with the mayor via numerous emails and the continued graffiti assault which the police have no answer or even care.

We are an unassuming part of the city that gives the Mayor no problems.
And I agree that I hope he doesn?t forget about us completely.

I still love it here and the best days are still ahead.

Posted on: 2015/2/26 20:30

Re: Schools in the Heights
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Rays - I send both of my daughters to St. Nicholas on Ferry and couldn't be happier. I've never come across a school so organized and on top of all facets of school life and education.

On top of that, you will not find a more racial diverse school anywhere. A small United Nations. They are in constant contact with you as parents and the teachers are as professional and approachable as they come.

Posted on: 2015/1/30 15:03

Re: UBER - car service in Jersey City
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

The Uber naysayers on this list are clueless and never have used the service on any consistent basis.

This is unequivocally one of the greatest things to happen to urban living and a feather in the cap of capitalist America.

Why for years was I forced to use such a horrible service as our local taxis with no other option offered?

Here's it beauty:
I am a Heights resident (Ogden/Palisades). Hoboken taxi to Heights, $8 (if you don't ask and just pay) $10 if you do ask. Throw in $2 tip, $12 total.

Yesterday I'm picked up in a brand new Mercedes GLK 350 SUV.
Same exact trip $5!!
Yep, that's right, $5 and that includes tip! (though I always throw in a cash tip on top because I can't get my head around not tipping).

You are informed of the drivers name, license plate #, type of car and if rates go up in bad weather.

Baffled when people complain about a brilliant idea.
Greatest service to make it's way to the Garden State in a long time.

Posted on: 2014/12/10 16:32

Re: Auto Body Shop Downtown?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Ziggys Auto Body on 7th between Monmouth and Division.
Cleanest Auto body shop I've ever seen. If you have Geico insurance, there is an office attached to his building.
Not cheap, but great work. Make sure you say hello to Ziggy.
I believe he's a Hungarian/Romanian immigrant and he's a pissa to talk to.

Posted on: 2014/11/5 15:07

Re: Considering a move from DT to JSQ or Heights - any tips here?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Vindicaton - WTF are you talking about?
Some reality check points:

1) Your downtown house will not appreciate faster than your house in the Heights. Downtown is at top scale. Buy now and the best you will do is break even. Maybe a small profit. You want to make some real money, buy in the Heights. Extremely affordable houses with back yard space and parking.
I?ve already flipped two properties and have put over six figures in my pocket. You will never see that again downtown. EVER.

2) 45 min to NYC...What?? Do you even know where the Heights is?
I can walk from Ogden Ave. to the path station in 18 min. I?m in my office in midtown in 30 minutes. If the 87 bus shows up on time, I can get there in 20.

3) Drive everywhere? Are you serious?
How about you can walk everywhere. I?m one minute to Hoboken off Ogden. Pershing field right up the street. Ice skating, swimming, baseball, yep, we got it. Stop and Shop around the corner, Supremo down two blocks. Now granted, Central Ave is not in any way, shape or form, Grove Street, but is has all the essentials for quick shopping.

4) Lastly, the Heights right now is booming. I?m a 25 year resident who moved up here out of school and never left. It was never bad before, it?s not bad now and will not be bad in the future.
It?s haters like Vindication who have no idea of the area yet comment like they are experts. I now live in a brownstone that would?ve cost over a million dollars in Hoboken/Paulus Hook, $800,000 in Hamilton Park/Van Vorst.
I?m too embarrassed to tell you what I paid for it.
I will put another $100,000 in my pocket when I sell it.
Yes we have all the problems that come with living in a city but it?s also as safe as Jersey City can be.
That?s what the Heights has done for me. And outside of the filth of our streets (which is citywide). I love it up here.

Not everyone can afford to live downtown.
If you are looking to buy property, this is the place.

Posted on: 2014/10/31 13:47

Re: 333 Fairmount - Info on the area and crime in McGinley Square
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Score09 -
How long have you been living in Jersey City?

Please don't ever, ever compare the Heights with Greenville.
It's roll in's like you who post on this board without any clue as to what you are writing.

I'm a 27 year resident of the Heights and it is the most underrated, under appreciated part of the city. It's not bad now, never has been bad and is now in the process of a major change with new business and urbanites moving in.
Safe as safe can be in Jersey City.

It is by far the BEST place to buy real estate (I've already flipped 2 properties with massive profit) as it is still reasonable to buy a proper house with parking and a yard.

Every time I see these Heights/Greenville comparisons I cringe.
It also means the people who are making them have absolutely no clue as to this city.

Posted on: 2014/10/9 15:12

Re: Looking for parking - Heights/Ogden
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I live in the exact same area.
Parking in the Heights is now at an all-time premium with all the new buildings and new urbanites showing up.
Come home after 9:00 pm and you've got problems.
There are a set of garages on Ferry St. between Webster and New York (right behind Supremo with the green doors), that are owned by Swensen Heights Reality on Central Ave.
Give them a shout as to their availability. Good luck.

Posted on: 2014/10/9 14:57

Re: Do you recommend particular Roofer?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Also used Elite Roofers out of Bayonne.
Showed up on time and gave an estimate that day.
On the scheduled work day arrived promptly, but unfortunately, it started snowing.
Had to wait a full month until snow went away and things dried out. Did not have to call them. They called me on the first dry day. Came over and sorted my roof. Leaks have stopped and bone dry ever since. Recommended.

Posted on: 2014/10/6 13:59

Re: Top-floor burglaries
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Get this:

For an apartment of your size, you'll need a few extra Entry sensors for you windows and you'll have to get the Extra 105DB Siren (a must).

Best new product I have bought in years. Everything wireless and battery driven. Hung by adhesive backings and set up my entire house in 15 minutes. Can't say enough good things about it. Do NOT have to buy monitoring services if you don't want (I didn't. The 105DB Siren is enough to wake up the neighborhood.)

It's a one time investment for peace of mind and security.
Highly recommend to all.

Posted on: 2014/8/15 14:25

Re: Man Shot Dead in Heights - Waverly & Palisades - JJ
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Live right down the street.
One of the nicest sections of the Heights.
This, like the murder/suicide in September is totally premeditative and could've happened anywhere.
Still one of the nicest sections of the city to live and does not define this area at all.

Posted on: 2014/8/6 12:07

Re: I Knew I Was Finally Home.
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Lived here 27 years.
Love it here.
Not bitching...just sayin'

Posted on: 2014/7/7 19:27

Re: I Knew I Was Finally Home.
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Just returned from a week overseas.
Some things to add if I may:

I knew i was home as I waded through all the filth on the street because of the lack of corner garbage cans.

How about the gargantuan pot holes whose filling seems to have stopped?

How about those kids who drive around with those muffler kits that make the cars sound like airplanes? Must?ve missed those.
And not only the muffler kits, but all 4 windows tinted (only the back ones are legal in NJ).

No possible way any of these cars could?ve passed inspection.
Every see a police car pull one over for any of those offenses? God forbid.

Sewer grates full of garbage? Check.
Driving 50 mph in a 25 mph zone? Check
Music so loud from outside cars that my house shakes? Check

Welcome back.

Posted on: 2014/7/7 16:47

Re: Need Reputable Jeweler for Repairs
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Christian Jewelers - 390 Central Ave in the Heights.
Have repaired multiple watches for me. Never offer anything you don't need and repairs are quick and professional.

Posted on: 2014/7/7 15:52

Re: Weekend Shooting: 44 Beacon Ave, Heights - 2 Victims - JJ
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Beacon and Baldwin are generally considered the greater Journal Square Area and reside in Ward C.

Two forty plus year residents informed me that off Baldwin, the Heights officially starts at Prospect St.

Beacon and Baldwin are notorious for knuckleheads and dregs of the neighborhood. No shocker on the shootings.

Posted on: 2014/7/6 20:59

Re: how much does it cost for a 2br apt in downtown JC ?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk
You've go to be kidding me.

Zillow is soley a property value estimator...a Zestimate.
It's listed values are educated guesses based on public records and previous sales.

Zillow has no idea if the house/apt has been updated.
Did you put in a new kitchen? Update your bathrooms? Finish your basement?
Add Central Air and Heat? Put in a new water heater? Update your back garden?
Zillow has no idea of any of this.

It can be really accurate in a neighborhood of really homogenous houses. But when you get in a situation where house are all different (like Jersey City), it can be way off.

I live in the Heights. Does Zillow take into consideration that I'm one minute to Hoboken, 4 minutes to the Holland Tunnel and 9 minutes to downtown Manhattan? That I live on one of the nicest streets up here? It has no idea.

Friend of mine just sold his one family brownstone in the Heights on Webster Ave.
Zillow estimate: $320,000
Sold it for $540,000 after a bidding war.
(God bless the Heights!)

Check your real estate websites (Coldwell, Weichert are both big in JC) to get a real feel for what things cost.
Craigs list will give you a good start as well.
But don't ever, ever go by what is listed on Zillow.
Good luck with your apt hunting.

Posted on: 2014/6/30 18:24

Re: Graffiti at 71 Bright St
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

"If there was graffiti on my building and some idiot came by and decided to paint over it himself, I would have them arrested." - S. Wilson

Are you serious?
That is the most idiotic statement I've read on here in a long time.
If someone is willing to take the initiative and be proactive in the removal or painting over of the graffiti, why would you be against it?

Waiting for the Incinerator Authority to paint over anything could take weeks.
I live it the Heights and paint over ever bit of tagging I can.
I do everything in my power to make my neighborhood nicer to live in and that means painting over this constant tagging.
It's people like you who complain and do nothing that are the scourge of our city.
Have them arrested? What an idiot.
Try to stop me from not painting over it and you'll get punched in the face.
Get a life...jeez.

Posted on: 2014/6/19 14:27

Re: Parking in the Heights?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

I concur with HITH.
Street parking is pretty abundant during the day and at twilight.
Come home after 10:00 pm and it's pot luck. Sometimes it is locked up like a drum. If you know you are going to be out late, I would park the car early and take an Uber cab to your destination.
This is a nice part of the Heights with an awful lot on going on in terms of new faces, business and all around positive vibe.
Good luck.

Posted on: 2014/5/22 20:32

Re: Soccer Bars in JC
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Best soccer/futball bar in Hudson county if not the state:

159 First St.
Hoboken, NJ

Won't find a better or more knowledgeable crowd.
Ex-pats from all European countries and Red Bulls headquarters.

All EPL games shown at all hours.
This is THE PLACE!

Posted on: 2014/4/2 20:54

Re: Palisade Avenue - going downhill?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

The ward/councilman is Michael Yun who is oblivious to everything around him. It seems his sole purpose is to be a thorn in the new Mayors side by voting no on all new citywide proposals.

He has yet to address this issue and is never seen in our neighborhood. He rarely leave his storefront on Central
Avenue and would have a hard time finding Palisades Avenue on a map.

Posted on: 2014/1/20 15:20

Re: Palisade Avenue - going downhill?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Thanks to all who replied to this post and who care about our neighborhood.

Please see the below letter that I personally sent off to Mayor Fulop this morning concerning the egregious ignoring of the destruction of Palisades Avenue and the Heights in general.
This is just the beginning. We will not go down without a fight!

January 2014.

Mayor Steven Fulop
City Hall
Jersey City, NJ 07302


This letter is in regards to the absolute epidemic of graffiti tagging that is going on in our city, especially up in the Heights where I currently live. The area of Palisades Avenue from South St. down to Booraem (the area now zoned for restaurants and artists working space) has been destroyed by graffiti vandals. Absolutely nothing has been done to stop its spread. Outside of a few people and myself who paint over this mess, the problem is getting worse.

Lest we forget, Mayor Guiliani started his process of cleaning up New York City by first and foremost, dealing with the quality of life issues for it?s citizens. Getting rid of squeagy cleaners, panhandlers and cleaning up the graffiti. Why is this such a difficult thing to accomplish by anyone in this, and all previous administrations?

My question is: What can be done?
Issue #1:
Having to get permission from a buildings owner to take the graffiti off the building is absurd. Many of these building are owned by slumlords who do not care and will NEVER respond to your queries. The other half are owned by people who do not live here and only care about the income these buildings provide. They too will not respond. Going on the premise of the current rule, NOTHING will get done. The graffiti will stay on these building forever.
This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!!
An ordinance needs to be set forth for the city to take the graffiti off as it deems fit. Permission or no permission.
Our quality of life is being destroyed up here along with our property values.
The eastern side of the Heights is looking like a ghetto. It never was and never will be.

One of the focal center pieces of the Heights is Fisk park which is now encompassed by dilapidated buildings COVERED in graffiti. This is unacceptable. How do you expect to get a better class of working people to encompass our city when one of our showcases of the neighborhood is surrounded by such filth?
Have someone come up here and clean this mess up!

Issue #2:
Police presence? As usual in the Heights, virtually non existent. How some of these thugs were able to tag an entire bubble tag on 3 storefronts on our MAIN street and not be seen or stopped by anyone is beyond comprehension. Peoples personal homes are being tagged. They are tagging on a main st. in the middle of a busy roadway and nothing. This has been going on for months without a single arrest.
It will not stop.

Issue #3:
Shop owner accountability?
Lets set forth a new law that these shop owners must burden some of the responsibility of cleaning graffiti off of their property. Every shutter gate on Palisades Avenue from South St. to Booraem has been tagged. Is it too much to ask the owner of the business to buy a $3 can of spray paint and paint over the tag? And while we?re at it, is it too much to ask them to sweep in front of their business as well?

Issue # 4
CCTV - We need it on Palisades Ave. Just one camera by Fisk park on the corner of Bowers and Palisades or Franklin and Palisades would be a deterrent to these animals. Things are being re-tagged the minute they are painted over. I understand the police have bigger issues to deal with, but for those of us who live in this neighborhood, our quality of life is being destroyed. The police are catching no one.

Personally, I have made it a personal crusade to keep a 4 block radius around my house clean of such filth. I have cleaned up, painted over and scrubbed off every piece of graffiti on buildings, lamp post and garages that encompass Webster, Ravine, Ferry and New York Ave. I have spent well over $200 on paint, spray paint, spray paint remover and tape in the spirit of doing the right thing.

I am a 25 year veteran of this city and this neighborhood and have never seen such disregard for other peoples property or the neighborhood as a whole. Police presence is minimal at best and these animals are doing all this tagging and dumping with such impunity it?s unsettling. This is a great neighborhood to live in. I love it here, but right now, we need some help.

I think I speak for many Heights residence when I say we feel as if our part of the city is being vastly ignored. All the buildings going up downtown, restaurants, new business?s, etc. We simply ask that these quality of life issues in the Heights start getting paid some attention.

I?m someone who campaigned for you, gave money to your campaign and honestly believed change was on the way. I just didn?t think it would be for the worse in my neighborhood.

Mr. Mayor, it would be a nice gesture on our part if you came up to Palisades Avenue to view this destruction for yourself. I would certainly relish the opportunity to show you around all the side streets that have become a haven for graffiti and filth as well.
I would appreciate it very much if you replied back to this letter.

Posted on: 2014/1/18 20:09

Re: Decent Gym In The Heights?
Not too shy to talk
Not too shy to talk

Blood...what are you on about?
How ridiculous is your response about the coffee shop when it hasn't even opened up yet.
A scourge on the area? This is one of the nicest stretches of Palisades.
Here' a quarter, go buy yourself a clue.

Posted on: 2013/12/30 15:48

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