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Re: Golden Cicada Help from ACLU

"Let me ask you JRHP, does the city have the right to zone areas?"

Of course, and there's a process to uphold zoning laws, which I'm sure without political backing the owner of the property would have failed, if the proposed building violates it.

"the school never asked for the city to use emmint domain in all the years of planning"

By the same logic, they never objected to it either. That's no argument to defend them.

"the school approached the owners of the properties but failed to come to terms"

Your phrase is misleading. It's not that they failed to come to terms. The rightful owner of the property asked for an amount he thinks it (the property) is worth. The school thinks it's too much.

In a country ruled by law the transaction should stop right here. You don't pay, you don't get.

What do they do? They get political backing (the state's power) to take the property by force at whatever "appraised value" they think is fair.

I am not arguing that the school may have done great things in the past. That's not what this post is about. The fact of the matter is the school was going to take someone's property by force.

I don't know if a bigger field is better for the "common good" of JC. All I know is, if you want a bigger field, the owner of the extra land should get compensated appropriately or be left alone.

Posted on: 2005/11/11 23:03

Re: Golden Cicada Help from ACLU

"The Athletic Foundation became interested in acquiring the adjacent property only after it became widely known that the owner of the bar was pursuing a deal with an out-of-state developer to build a high-rise residential tower on the property."

This is even worse!!!! Do these guys think we're this stupid??

Dear Prep, thank you, but I don't need you to defend me from the big bad high rise. If you need the 7 stinking yards, come out and say it, don't fancy yourself the defender of the little guy!!

What a bunch of bullshit...

If you want the 7 yards, you should PAY FOR THEM WHAT THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNER WANTS!

Posted on: 2005/11/11 0:22

Re: Golden Cicada Help from ACLU

Summagold, in the most plain terms I can think of, this is about the right to own your property. If the government has the right to remove you from your property then anything goes! Don't you see that?

It goes beyond questions of aesthetics. YOUR property would be next, tomorrow or in 10 years.

If you don't defend the right of the Golden Cicada to exist, then there will be no one to defend you when they go after you, your house, your money, your life.

Posted on: 2005/11/11 0:16

Re: Taqueria

I just tried Taqueria and the only thing better than the food was the very nice treatment by Andrea.

My girlfriend and I ordered enchiladas, tortas and tortilla soup. Everything was great.

To top it all off, after discovering their credit card reader is not hooked up yet and not finding enough cash in our wallets she let us go with the promise of coming back with the rest of the bill (talk about embarrassment!)

Gracias Andrea...! I can see myself ordering for lunch all the time...

Posted on: 2005/11/11 0:03

Re: Golden Cicada Help from ACLU

Kudos to Healy my ass!

You mean to tell me he only "weighed" all the facts now out of the kindness of his heart??? Or is it the threat of more and more legislative action against the disgrace of eminent domain (including withholding federal funds among others being considered)?

Healy or the Prep, whoever took the decision to kill it, you could have done this months ago. Your reputations (the Prep's especially) have been forever tarnished. I for one won't forget...

I hope Terry sues the instant a ball falls on his roof. Damn, this makes me angry... hehe...

Posted on: 2005/11/5 23:20




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