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Re: You know you're a JC old-timer if you remember...

I remember a produce guy in the 1960s and 70s. I'm not sure of we are thinking of the same guy.
This guy would have produce baskets in the back of his flatbed truck
and he would walk beside the truck yelling out things like:
"GET YOUR ONIONS, GET YOUR TOMATOES. He would walk next to the truck while someone drove it really slowly.

Posted on: 2016/8/18 14:29

Re: You know you're a JC old-timer if you remember...

Brook Valley Day camp was great fun.

I remember going on walks and we would find salamanders. Some of the guys were good at catching bull frogs.

I also remember there was a peach orchard nearby and we would go there and snatch peaches off the trees. Those peaches were gigantic. One day, when a bunch of guys were in the tree, a branch snapped and fell on one of the guys. He was hurt. The branch fell on his shoulder. After that we ran back to the camp. Someone said the orchard owner had a shot gun and that he used it to to shoot salt pellets at the kids.

It was great fun.

Posted on: 2014/1/20 0:36

Re: You know you're a JC old-timer if you remember...

I remember Murray's toy store. We used to go there to get the latest Match Box Cars and Hot Wheel cars. If I recall correctly, they cost 89 cents! As for Hot Wheel cars...we walked there one day specifically to get the Spittin' Image...they didn't have it that day, but they finally got it in stock.

It was great to be able to go to a store dedicated solely to toys. Those were the days. We had great fun.

And, again, if I recall correctly, they were a block or so from Sandler's...where the boys would get their gym shorts (green for 40 for 30). The girls were relegated to those blue hideous one piece suits.

I remember going to Brummer's with my grandmother. It was always a big deal. We felt like we were going somewhere special. I remember also when they shot scenes from the movie: The Sting at that location.

B Harrison

Posted on: 2013/12/1 13:47

Re: Old cemeteries in JC

The cemetery by Dickenson is named Jersey City-Harsimus Cemetery. I was there in 1969 for the burials of my great-grandparents.

it is currently run by volunteers.

Byron S. Harrison

Posted on: 2013/12/1 13:33

Re: The Driftwood

To this day, when I think of really good traditional Chinese Restaurants, I often think of the Canton.

I'm not sure places like that exist much anymore. They have been replaced by urban corner, or suburban strip mall establishments that pale in comparison.

Posted on: 2013/6/15 18:55

Re: You know you're a JC old-timer if you remember...


If you remember when Curries was nice place to live

The stink pot way staircase

The portable pool behind 71 Merritt Street and the day someone filled it with furniture

Hitting the trains.

The sneaker factory fire in Bayonne

You could pay your Curries Woods rent in the main office.

When white people still lived in Curries Woods and everyone got along

And the old people would sit out front on lawn chairs at night

When Marion projects closed down and they all came over to Curries Woods

When they still used the incinerators to burn garbage

When the mail boxes were in the building lobbies.

Trick or treating and trying to avoid the guys with socks filled with flour.

When lighteing struck the chimney at 5 Heckman Drive and 71 Merritt Street

Sam the German Shepard from Pamrapo Avenue and the fear he spread across Curries Woods.

Diane's Dress Shop on Old Bergen Road.

The Salvage Store

The Good Humor Man

The Pizza Truck

The laundry mat at 5 Heckman Drive

Country Village was off limits to black people

When every public school kid in Curries Woods went to PS 40 (Ezra L. Nolan)

Summer time swimming at P.S. 40

Hudson Cleaners on Ocean and Gates, the A&P across the street and the pizza parlor at the corner of Gates and Old Bergen road. And when you could get a slice of really good pizza for 25-Cents

Charcoal Treat

Bay Cinema and the time when they were showing Logan's Run and when they got to brief nude scene the projectionist covered the lens so we couldn't see the screen

The Skating Rink on the Boulevard

Ebony Club parties at St. Peter's Prep.

The Omicrons

The late summer night when the Bones came to Curries Woods looking for trouble in a Volkswagon Beetle and the car broke down on Heckman Drive near 5 Heckman.

Super Saver Grocery Store on Garfield Avenue

Sinclair Gas on Garfield Avenue

The Cottilion at the Church of the Incarnation.

The house on Summitt Avenue where Black Panther meetings were held.

Vote Robinson for Mayor Row A-5

Posted on: 2012/10/1 22:04

Re: You know you're a JC old-timer if you remember...

I also remember:

Ape Day at Lowe’s Theatre when they showed all five Planet of the Apes Movies back to back

The gruff old bus dispatcher at the Greenville Bus Co. depot on Merritt Street who would gas up the busses with a cigar smoldering in his mouth

Nino’s Used Cars at Claremont and Garfield

Cameo Theatre on Ocean near Cator

When ambulances were Cadillacs

The Central Railroad of New Jersey Ferry

Hudson County Police

Posted on: 2012/10/1 11:50

Re: You know you're a JC old-timer if you remember...

I remember the bus driver. I remember the B-1 bus. And if I am correct wasn't there a B-52 bus and a B-29? On the way home, we used to kneel in the back row seat of the bus looking out the rear window and when the bus driver would hit the bumps, we would bounce up. I also remember going to the camp and just before we got to the camp, we'd make a very tight right turn onto a narrow bridge over a set of railroad tracks. And, if I remember correctly, Thursday was the one overnight at Brook Valley.

Posted on: 2012/10/1 11:44

Re: You know you're a JC old-timer if you remember...

This is some of what I remember...

The Bones...and they were not a mythical gang...I know people who were attacked by the bones.

Sandler’s on Ocean Avenue for converse sneakers, gym shorts for boys and the one piece blue gym suits for girls.

Sodano’s Live Poultry Shop on Ocean Avenue near Gates Avenue

Two Guys on Route 440

Great Eastern on 440 near the Roosevelt Drive-in

The Bookmobile

The Showmobile

The Greenville Avenue bus when they were Green

The Bergen Avenue bus when they were Orange

The Central Avenue Bus when they were Brown

The Blvd Bus when it was Gray

The Montgomery Avenue Bus when it was Maroon

The Red and Tan Bus Line

Bay Cinema at City Line Plaza

Bay Drugs at City Line Plaza

Bayonne Pool on the Blvd

Journal square when you had to catch the busses outside because the Path Center had not yet been built

Robert Hall on Route 440

King Lincoln Mercury at Seaview Avenue and the Blvd.

When the apartment buildings on Merritt Street were considered better than those on Heckman Drive

Chips Grocery Store at Heckman Drive and Old Bergen Road

The old Italian guy who would sell vegetables and fruit on his small flatbed truck

Zimp’s Kitchen

Milt's Liquors in the Lafayette Section

Gino’s Featuring Kentucky Fried Chicken


Johnson’s Barber Shop on Ege Avenue

Call Me G’s on Jackson Avenue

Casino in the Park

Shop Rite on 440 before it became a Rickle’s.

Lorsch 5th Avenue at Journal Sq. Trust Bldg

Sound Machine (Record Shop on the Blvd near the Square)

The Orange Store (Candy Store on Gates Avenue across the street from PS 40)

The 99-S Bus

Brook Valley Day Camp

Finast Grocery Store on Ocean Avenue across from Bayview Cemetery

Posted on: 2012/10/1 1:22




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