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Re: JC Real Estate Market Recent Activity

Um Jako - Definitely not a fan of your footer signature thingy or whatever that is. WTF is that suppose to mean as if it has some sort of coolness factor to you.

"I've sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn't want to do it. I felt I owed it to them. "

k sure guy.

Also not sure if you renters got a chance to see the most recent articles, but thought you might be interested in the following:

Manhattan housing boom continues


Posted on: 2007/10/4 3:13

Re: Jersey City developers bet on Newark Avenue - Building boom moves inland


mrrogers wrote:
Wow that read like a paid advertisment.Very nice.

Look at it any way you want. 5 years ago they wouldnt even place an "ad" like this about the grove street area.

Sometimes even just having an ad is a good thing. There is money/investment behind what is going on here through media and new developments.

Posted on: 2007/9/11 3:26

Jersey City developers bet on Newark Avenue - Building boom moves inland

Positive article from the real deal which generally only comments on New York City real estate.

Posted on: 2007/9/10 23:05

Re: not posting bad reviews

LOL - he blocked me at my Home and work.

I use this to get around that. ... -get-around-ip-block.html

unfortunately i havent found one that gives me the ability to post threads though. Let me know if anyone does.

I love making this guys life a living hell. The funny thing is that I wouldnt if he would have let my reasonably sound constructive posts a long time ago stay without being erased. I just think the judgement this guy uses to validate good posts versus bad is complete irrational.

Posted on: 2007/8/29 16:32

Re: not posting bad reviews

Moderator Strikes again. I am beginning to think this guy is a real asshole. ... p?topic_id=19812&start=10 Moderator: "If you guys didn't tell lies and act like jerk s maybe your post would remain"

Posted on: 2007/8/29 3:19

Re: not posting bad reviews


ianmac47 wrote:

This morning ALL of the posts were removed and in the last hour my IP was banned from reading the forum at all!

Talk about control-freaks!

No free-speech on Kannekt.

Yeah, the guy running kannekt is a shit when it comes to deleting posts. But it doesn't really matter, most of the people posting on the Jersey City kannekt boards don't even live here. Most of them are speculative real estate investorss or realtors. A good rule of thumb is you shouldn't post anything on kannekt that is worth posting because it will be deleted, and you shouldn't believe anything posted on kannekt because its all fluff being posted by real estate brokers.

LOL I was banned by my IP as well. What pisses me off is i just made a stupid joke. The thread was about how Samuel Jackson bought a penthouse apartment in JC and i said "SNAKES ON A HIGHRISE" needless to say a few other people follow up with movie quotes etc. Poking fun at it. The next day the Moderator Nazi Man deleted all the snakes on a highrise jokes and banned my IP address. Who is he to say or think what is funny or what is not.

What this nazi moderator doesnt understand is that if people have fun and joke around on the website, the community will ultimately regulate itself. The advertisers really dont care about what people write on there what they really like is that the site gets x amount of hits on the site each day and it is a very targeted audience - primarily all are interested in real estate in Jersey City and Hoboken. You cant get that type of targeted audience in many other means of advertising short of google ads, but probably at a fraction of the cost.

Other great sites like curbed etc could care less about what people comment on. In the end if it is spammers etc yes it makes sense but even jokers making stupid remarks are ultimately going to get you more hits on your site and allow you to charge a premium in the end.

Posted on: 2007/8/28 1:23

Re: Living in Paulus Hook Questions

This one kinda worries me too.

Resized Image


fat-ass-bike wrote:
Essex Street - West of Warren

The property west of 130 Warren has a serious lean.

Resized Image

2 doors down you have another building with a serious lean and touching the building on the east of it.

Resized Image

And another 2 doors down you have another building with a serious lean that is not so noticeable behind the steel sheeting. The building to the left is fine, but could lose their light/windows on their west wall due to new construction next to them.

Resized Image

Sussex Street has a great brownstone row of homes on the north side, west of Warren. Opposite them you have a few, but once you look at the roofs of some, something doesn't look right.

What people should keep in mind is if the building isn't 'square' then the interior will be out of whack and create drama when installing cupboards, tiling, sinks, tubs etc.

What I have also noticed is the bad exterior painting around those bay windows on some homes that are less then 10 years old - it appears they have used some inferior paints - just down and opposite Amelia's restaurant on Morris Street.

These are just some basic things I've noticed - it took me a good 1 hour just to look at the home my friend want to buy or consider - and that was just looking at it from all angles except the interior.

Posted on: 2007/7/24 0:09

Re: Goldman Sachs wants special tax agreement for new $560M tower

GS hasnt even filled up half of their 30 hudson st tower and they now want another one?

They are also building a brand new headquarters in Battery Park. And on top of that have a hiring freeze at least for their New York city operations. And they are now trying to convince them to build more?

Posted on: 2007/7/14 20:32

Re: So much for all of you folks who predicted a JC/NYC RE Crash

You do live in such a country. The area is called Kansas. Move there.

Supply - Demand.

Posted on: 2007/3/20 13:15

Re: Montgomery Greene Condo Bldg

I am not to sure this fake brick is anything different then the crap Hovnanian and Pulte put up. Along with the Pier House. Those seem to be going for high prices as well.

At least this building is a heck of alot better than the projects on the other side of montgomery.

Posted on: 2007/1/30 23:16

Re: New York Water Taxi to Raise Rates One-way Trip From Exchange Place Will Cost $9 Instead of $6

A 50% increase makes no sense, they will lose 50% ridership. When you do the math in numbers it is the dumbest decision you can make, especially when there are alternatives like the PATH or lightrail.

1000 riders a day x $6 = $6000

500 riders a day x $9 = $4500

This will run them to the ground for sure, the executives who made this decision have just set them on a death march.

Its too bad cause its a great service, a great way to travel to work and at times worth the $6. For $9 no way.

Posted on: 2006/9/22 3:11

Re: Condo Shopping Observations

I wrote this on the kannekt message board regarding all those who think they are geniouses by explaining exactly where the market is, truth is you never know, here is my post:

So for the last few years I visit the message boards from time to time and read the media, and all these "brilliant" opinionated people perdicting the direction of where and when and how much housing is going to crash and why you shouldnt own a home, as they crunch all the numbers. Ok so yes I do agree that housing is expensive and yes it is getting even more expensive over the last few years. So I definitely am real about expectations, am not a fool to thing prices will appreciate year over year etc.

What I wanted to point out though, in 2001 right after the dot com crash I decided to buy stock in Toll Brothers (TOL) and Hovnanian (HOV) both home builders. I didnt buy it because i had a crystal ball and crunch all these magical numbers being able to predict the future, i decided to buy this stock because in investors business daily i read about them because their relative strength looked good, P/E looked cheap, balance sheet etc. Absolutely no speculation at all. After i purchased the stock i would get caught up in reading the Yahoo Finance message boards. The boards were full of these "genious" predictors theorizing all these magical and fabulously complicated reasons as to why you should short the stock or sell all your shares because we are in a housing bubble and the real estate world was going to collapse. After reading those messages I got nervous and sold the stock. Unfortunately for me, the next 4 years proved to be an incredible time to own a home and the stock as i watched TOL and HOV go up in value both by almost 1000%.

I decided to revist those message boards the other day and got a huge kick out of how almost erriley similar those messages that back then scared me out of owning the stock are in 2001 about the housing bubble that exists and that everyone will be running for the exits, and the messages i read today in 2006. Here is a link to those message boards so that you can see what i am talking about.

Now i am not discrediting either sides arguments it is just appropriate for those doom sayers to step back, take a deep breath and observe how strickingly similar their arguments in 2001 were to today.

TOLL BROTHERS STOCK MESSAGE BOARD 2000-2002 with word bubble ... Month=9&eDay=1&eYear=2002

HOVNANIAN STOCK MESSAGE BOARD 2001-2002 with word bubble ... Month=9&eDay=1&eYear=2002

Posted on: 2006/9/16 21:38

Re: What would happen in Jersey City if a radioactive "dirty bomb" was detonated in Wall Street?

Are you able to sleep at night? Do you have nightmares of little evil doers running around your head?

I suggest you live your life the way you know how and free from this worry. If this were to happen it would be a catastrophe, for the world not just New York.

Also I suggest you move to Indiana or West Virgina if you can't get passed this fear.

Posted on: 2006/8/22 1:33

Re: Jersey City Article in May 18th New York Post


scooter wrote:
Articles like this (most likely planted by one or more of the developers' PR people) come out every month or so, and they always leave out what I've slowly discovered since moving here almost two years ago - our local government is almost picturesque in its old-school incompetence and cronyism (think 1930's Chicago or for that matter... 1930's Jersey City).

Actually agree with that statement since if you picked up the print edition today you would see about 4 jersey city new development ads strategically placed on the same page as this article.

Its capitalism at its finest. If you got money they are in bed with you. You scratch my back i will scratch yours, easy to make more and more money when you got lots of cash.

"What you have $500,000 to spend in this weeks advertisement section, sure we will write an article about your town."

Although I still do get excited about the Jersey City of the future.

Posted on: 2006/5/19 3:07

Jersey City Article in May 18th New York Post



May 18, 2006 -- Jersey City is about more than office parks these days. The city across the Hudson from Manhattan is seeing a residential construction boom and soon might be known for its abundance of new condos and rental buildings.
According to the Jersey City mayor's office, 24 residential projects have recently been completed, another 21 are under construction and 23 more have been approved.

"We're riding a tremendous wave of investment," says Mayor Jerramiah Healy.

Think big towers with waterfront views, multi-use sprawling residential/commercial developments, historical renovations and one very exclusive golf course.

In the big - extremely big - category is Trump Plaza Jersey City, a two-tower, 860-unit development planned for 88 Morgan St. When completed in fall 2007, the two towers, clocking in at 50 and 55 stories, will be the tallest residential buildings in New Jersey. Prices will likely range from $400,000 to $4 million. The Trump Organization and Hoboken-based Metro Homes are the developers.

Metro Homes is also behind the 431-unit Gull's Cove condominium at 205 Luis Munoz Marin Blvd. in the Liberty Harbor North redevelopment area. Open for sales three weeks ago, prices start in the high-$200,000s for 500-square-foot studios.

Gull's Cove will eventually contain 30,000 square feet of ground-floor retail, including a Wachovia bank, coffee shop, restaurant and dry cleaners. A deal with childcare company Kindercare is also pending, according to Metro Homes managing partner Dean Geibel.

"The whole idea is that you're buying into a lifestyle, that you have an instant neighborhood," Geibel says.

Of course, the "instant neighborhood" idea in Jersey City was spearheaded by the Manhattan-based LeFrak Organization, the developer behind Newport, a sprawling, 600-acre development on the Hudson River. Known as a rental community, Newport is adding more sales buildings, including the 220-unit North Tower of the Shore Club at 580 Washington Blvd. Construction will begin this June.

The South Tower sold out - with little advertising - just six months after opening for sales last September, says Jamie LeFrak, managing director of the LeFrak Organization.

Part of Jersey City's draw is simply its small cost per square foot, believes LeFrak. Prices currently average about $600 a square foot, he says, compared to the $700 a square foot in some hot parts of Brooklyn.

Off the water, adjacent to the Grove Point PATH station, construction has begun on Grove Pointe, a 67-unit condominium and 458-unit residential building located at 102 Christopher Columbus Drive, which opened for sales three weeks ago and is 25 percent sold. Prices start at $495,000 for a 750-square-foot one-bedroom. The development will house 20,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space.

In Jersey City's historical Hamilton Park District, construction will begin this summer on the 225-unit Hamilton Square, a partial conversion of the St. Francis Hospital at 25 McWilliams Place. The condo building is being developed by Jersey City-based Exeter Property Company, which has restored many historical buildings in Jersey City.

Exeter is also behind Schroeder Lofts, a 60-unit loft building just outside of the Hamilton Park district, at 242 10th St. The building is 40 percent sold since opening for sales in February. Prices for 930-square-foot one-bedrooms start at $414,000.

In Jersey City's Powerhouse Arts District, an eight-block historical area, Hoboken-based developer Fields Development Group is planning to break ground on The Hudson, a 260-unit new construction/conversion loft building planned for 10 Provost St., in July. The sales office is expected to open in October.

Fields Development is also behind Waldo Lofts, an 82-condominium conversion located at 159 Second St. Half of the units have sold since the sales office opened in February - prices start at $390,000 for a 700-square-foot loft.

Another conversion - on a massive scale - is The Beacon, housed in the former Jersey City Medical Center, an Art Deco building located at 50 Baldwin Ave., in the heart of Jersey City. More than 70 percent of the 315 luxury residences - the first phase of the project - have sold since the building opened for sales last October. Prices start at $350,000 for a 760-square-foot one-bedroom.

Meanwhile, Jersey City is getting plenty of ink for Liberty National Golf Course, scheduled to open this spring on the Hudson River. The golf course, reportedly built at a cost of $150 million, will have an initiation fee of $500,000, with annual dues of $20,000.

Rudy Giuliani and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft are already signed up as members. A high-speed private ferry will bring Wall Streeters to the first tee.

Posted on: 2006/5/19 1:07

Re: Residential Projects Dominate Landscape - 15,000 Residential Units are Coming to Downtown Jersey


OneSkirt wrote:
Does anyone know what the PATH has planned to handle all of these people?? (like they have a plan, right??)

Increase the frequency of the service. Instead of every 20 minutes do every 10 minutes.

Add more cars, use boats, helicopters, add an airport, flysaucers etc... these are all simple solutions.

Posted on: 2006/5/1 22:47

Re: Montgomery Towers Co-op

These places were rentals no more than 3 years ago and they were chitholes, serious chitholes. I have since moved to manhattan before was living in Paulus Hook. I love Paulus hook and have a new construction unit closer to exchange place. I couldnt believe when I saw these were condos now I actually laughed about it. You should have seen the people that use to live in the rentals I dont know if anyone there in the 30 floors even had a full time job and the door man had a mole on his neck that was the size of an inflated quarter.

I honestly cannot believe these are condos. They were basically projects 3 years ago as rentals.

Posted on: 2005/12/3 2:44




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