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Re: Family in Heights disturbing all around them...taking over the street!

1) Call the police, give them a chance to respond and if the noise continues call the police again. Keep a record of all your calls you may need them later if you end up suing.

2) Get some of your neighbors to call the police as well. The more squeaky wheels the more likely a vigorous response.

3) Try contacting the landlord of the empty lot. He may be responsible for any injuries that occur on the lot. He will have a financial incentive to get them off his lot permanently. You should be able to find his information on Hudson property tax records.

4) Try contacting the landlord of the home where the rowdy neighbors live, again the information will be on Hudson property tax records

5) Reach out to your local neighbors association and ask for their help.

6) Find out which precinct you live in and go to a captain's meeting and ask for the assistance.

7) If it gets really obnoxious walk in to your local precinct and ask for help. This will get you a better response than calling.

Worse comes to worse contact a lawyer to file a public nuisance lawsuit

Posted on: 2011/5/10 14:36

Re: ????Info on obtaining R1 driveway variance???


I have noticed this as well and I am planning on contacting the department of zoning. Parking is already impacted in that area and having them expropriate a spot doesn't help. The number for the zoning department is (201) 547-6564 and if enough of us call they might actually do something.


Posted on: 2011/5/9 13:13

Re: Apt. inspection by the state

The state will send your Landlord a list of the issues they found via certified mail and they will schedule another inspection to ensure everything was fixed.

If you have an issue with your landlord other than the safety violations you may want to contact the City's department of housing as they are more likely to have jurisdiction. The state usually only deals with safety and environmental issues.

Posted on: 2011/5/6 17:24

Re: Whole Foods in JC?

This is whole foods requirements for a site to be considered (cut and paste from whole food website)

?200,000 people or more in a 20-minute drive time
?25,000-50,000 Square Feet
?Large number of college-educated residents
?Abundant parking available for our exclusive use
?Stand alone preferred, would consider complementary
?Easy access from roadways, lighted intersection
?Excellent visibility, directly off of the street
?Must be located in a high traffic area (foot and/or vehicle)

I can't personally think of a location that would fit all of these requirements. All the places that have plenty of parking in downtown aren't in high traffic areas and any places that do have high traffic don't have a lot of parking.

If you know of a site that might be of interest to Whole Foods you can find the person to contact by following the below link and finding the person responsible for New Jersey

Posted on: 2011/3/18 13:44

Re: Spring cleaning - trash questions...

You can drop them off at the downtown Home depot. The drop off is just past the entrance to the right.

Posted on: 2011/3/11 18:44

Re: coworking space/shared workspace in JC, are you interested?

This would make a great addition to Jersey City especially when it snows and you can't get into the city.

Posted on: 2011/1/16 13:34




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