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Re: Satis Bistro -Cafe - Gelato in Paulus Hook


JCProducer wrote:
I love how people say their are "lots" of options in the neighborhood and DTJC as a whole. There are like 6-8 decent restaurants in all of downtown JC. If you slice that down to Paulus Hook you have less then that.

Lighthorse is pedestrian. Its a pub. Its a place for a good burger and a beer. Anything else on the menu could be made by a 22 yr old grad of the CIA. Presto is an upgrade to the Olive Garden. Yes its good. But that is it, its not pushing the boundaries of Italian Cuisine in any way.

When many people say italian is good, they are usually just saying americanized southern family style italian fare. Its like when Old people call a restaurant good - Really they are just saying its cheap and there are big portions. The flavors are not dramatically impressive or sophisticated. They are just good.

Spirt if Laximi is great indian. I dig it and its worth going in for.

Johns pizza is ok. Not impressive. Paulus Hook Brick oven is a good slice, but is not going to make me compare it to the pizza of Naples.

Now Satis. Satis takes balls. Satis is a place that reminds me of Babo or Lupa its in design. But makes me feel comfortable, like as if I was at a Trattoria in a back street in Florence. Its a balance of design and atmosphere. That is what I expect from a restaurant especially when I am paying for that experience.

I love a good burger from Corner Bistro, and its plebeian decor is what adds to my love for it. But Satis, clearly has nailed the experience. But experience without heart and soul is nothing. Kind of like like driving a Ferarri with a 4 cylinder engine.

Satis has heart. It has soul. It has spirit and that is delivered in the form of a plate of love. Satis in the end has balls. And there is nothing like it in JC and maybe not all of Hudson County. It reminds me in its own way of Culinariane in Montclair. Same level of sophistication, atmosphere, taste and top notch service.

Mike keep up the great work and continue to have the guts to do what you do. Envy and Jealousy are transparent and they will nip at your hells, but overtime, they will come to shine your shoes and you bask in your glory.


The light horse is pedestrian ... hmmmm. Interesting commentary. But your analysis is fraught with bias, sir. We frequent all of the Paulis Hook restaurants weekly... have been doing so since they all opened. Objectively, each offers quality, unique depth in atmoshere, and variations to please the masses. While we are not Naples or Florence in good old Jersey City, is it important to pretend we are? How cool is our little village with all that offers? Four cycliner Ferraris (can you say Italianphile)? Enough digressing.

Satis as the "new kid on the block" will certainly be welcomed warmly. But honestly, in our neighborhood, do we need a place where the help has an attitude? Everywhere we go, the owners, managers and wait staff are friendly, warm and add to the neighborhood feel. Pretentiousness and bad manners are just that. It takes away from the taste of the food.

In fairness, this place is going to need some time to find its way. But with great food at resasonable prices, the missing ingredient
appears to be a well behaved staff.

I do not know about all of you out there, but we prefer to have a nice respectful discourse when paying for a dining experience.
Maybe even a smile and a few laughs, yes?

The most important thing for the owner of any patron driven business to pay attention to is: customer SATISfaction.

It is better to create smiles when someone enters or leaves your establishment, than it is to create great meals no one comes in to eat.


emergent wrote:
I saw a sign on the front of Satis Bistro about their grand opening. It's supposedly happening on December 9th. You can make reservations on Open Table.

It looks fairly interesting, and it's nice to have a BYOB option in the area other than Presto's and their crappy wine glasses that taste like dish detergent.

Satis Bistro on Jersey City Guide with photos

212 Washington Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Posted on: 2011/1/13 17:27




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