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Re: Should tipping be eliminated at eateries?

Be serious, people. When you get delivery, you give a tip if it is at all within you timeframe, or you are a cheapskate. You want someone to bring something right to your door and expect to pay the same price you'd pay if you sat down at a table in the resto minus the tip? You've got to be kidding. You don't want to compensate that guy for driving a motorbike 5 blocks with a pack full of food, ringing your bell, waiting for you?

Dude, those guys live on tips and make only a couple bucks an hour in salary, just like the waiters/servers, but even less.

It's amazing to me, this thread, the people who have obviously never worked in these types of jobs, but even so, it's common knowledge -- they are paid much less than minimum wage assuming their wage will come primarily from tips. I do believe with all the information out there about that that anyone acting otherwise is just trying to get by and save the couple dollar it would take to make someone else's day.

Good luck cheapskate. Please don't pretend you don't know that guy is only making a couple bucks an hour and that you don't give shit.

Posted on: 2016/1/25 21:42

Re: Asian Food Market on Route 440

Dude, Kobe and Wagyu beef are NOT the same. If you think they are you shouldn't be trying to comport yourself as a sushi expert in addition to a beef expert..


AlexC wrote:

soupydumplings wrote:
"sushi grade" tuna is just like a restaurant saying they serve kobe's a scam

Not true - since 2012 Japanese Kobe Beef (or Wagyu) can be imported, each serving has it's own unique number and certificate of authenticity. The Old Homestead steakhouse in the meat packing district serves it.

"Sushi Grade" means that you can eat it raw and still taste good. This is not true of just any tuna caught then frozen.

Posted on: 2014/6/30 23:45

Re: Gil Scott-Heron, Forefather of Hip Hop, Dead at 62

OK, are we seriously maintaining that Bob Dylan never did drugs? That's patently absurd.

Posted on: 2011/6/24 0:06

Re: The Entire Board of Liberty Humane Society Just Resigned...

This has got to be the biggest train wreck of a thread I have ever encountered on any message board, ever.

Yes, it is all for a good cause and I applaud those who have the welfare of our animals at heart.

To those who want to promote their own political agenda, well, I have no polite words for those who want to use such a topic to advance themselves.

Posted on: 2011/6/13 23:50

Re: Man pouring bleach around Grove Street Mosque today

Yes, let's all call the CIA regarding a bleach bottle outside a mosque.

At least they are an ant-free mosque now.

Posted on: 2011/6/13 23:48

Re: WSJ: The Dependent Housewife from Mumbai -Inability to work in America comes with an unexpected gift

Ah, OK, I did actually see that but it didn't sink in. I guess you could call that a reading comprehension issue if you enjoy being insulting (I guess that's another issue), but given your fascinating elucidation:

Why is a non-US citizen, marrying another non-US citizen, and being unable to work in the US, thus finding such fascinating occupations as online poker and waiting for the doorbell to ring, newsworthy, or worthy of any interest whatsoever?

She had some kind of big job in her country, she chose to marry a non-citizen and live in the US. She can't work here. She is taking a writing class and wrote a short story, and may work on a novel like every other mother and son in NY.

I support anyone working on a creative endeavor.

However, how is her situation any more different or interesting than any of the hundreds of thousands of artists trying to break ground in NY, or the hundreds of thousands of couple where one is working and the other is not?

She sits and reads waiting for the doorbell to ring.
It doesn't sound like that is really causing a tremendous amount of trouble for her.

And again, for those with true reading comprehension issues, the question has been asked twice now, and here's a third time:

Why does her husband have to ring the doorbell to get into their married abode?

Posted on: 2009/10/6 16:52

Re: WSJ: The Dependent Housewife from Mumbai -Inability to work in America comes with an unexpected gift

Are there not plenty of women, and sometimes men, who give up their careers once married, or at sometime afterward? Yes, I know these days "most" couples are dual income.

I'm just a bit confused, they should have known she wouldn't be able to work, at least for the time-being, in the US, according to the article. On the other hand, is not someone who marries a US citizen and becomes a citizen able to work in this country? Does she still have to go through some process? I mean, a foreign student can come here and study and work, no?

I am still wondering what about an assuredly lovely woman marrying a US citizen, finding herself prohibited from working and finding hobbies and potential arts to occupy herself with is newworthy, can anyone explain this?

And again, why does her husband have to ring the doorbell to get into the apartment?

Posted on: 2009/10/6 16:13

Re: Easy Riders JC Bicycle Tours and Rentals

Sent this link to the gf, looking forward to trying y'all out.

Posted on: 2009/10/6 15:34

Re: Journal Square's Young Star Spa raided, Fifth Time in Three Years -- 10 Arrested for Prostitution

Wondering what kind of "sprays" they had.

Who knew there was "prostitution" in JC? I've heard Tonnele Ave. anecdotes, but an actual walk-in "massage parlor"?

I'm actually quite surprised there are no strip joints here. I wonder if there is some kind of law that prevents them, as opposed to, say, yikes, Newark.

Posted on: 2009/10/6 14:57

Re: WSJ: The Dependent Housewife from Mumbai -Inability to work in America comes with an unexpected gift

I think it is great that this woman is pursuing creative interests. Not so sure about the online poker lol. I'm also, no offense, not sure why this is particularly newsworthy.

But mainly, I wonder, does her husband not have a key to their apartment?

Posted on: 2009/10/6 14:51

Re: Zeppelin Hall Beer Garden

I would like to personally thank this 31 page thread for stealing 2 hours of my life. Could've known that would happen from 4 pages in, so my bad.

I have learned the following:

1) Beer garden equals pee and vomit and baby poop.

2) Asia is now considered to be solely India. Everything else is China.

3) Jersey City is much nicer than Astoria.

4) The worst thing that could possibly happen to Jersey City is that it could be more like Hoboken.

5) Baseball caps turned backwards are a huge terrorist threat, but worn "normally" are A-OK.

6) As much as I might want a bratwurst, I'd be better off cooking one in my own home.

Am I missing anything?

Posted on: 2009/9/30 18:14

Re: Heating issue in rental apartment question

Thanks for all your replies and they encourage me to speak to the landlord. Problem is, the guy has never once returned a phone call to me directly (and is known amongst the tenants and super for never doing so), although once or twice he called me on my home machine when I specifically left him my work number to call me at.

So you can guess he is also known for not being particularly flexible or a nice guy, expect when he feels like turning on the charm.

He always turns the heat on 15 days too late and turns it off 15 days too early, I tried reporting it once and someone came over but the followup was too much trouble. Rumor is, once you get on his bad side you'll have lots of trouble.

I would presume there is some kind of exemption to the heating laws in the case of installing a heating system to replace a broken down one, but maybe I'll call to see what they say. A fine means nothing to him. Super says he has a friend on the heat board.

It can't hurt to try to ask the landlord anyway re: the rent abatement, I'll probably send a certified letter with my check. Thanks to the person who said my half rent for the no heat period seemed reasonable.

I'll let you know what happens.

Posted on: 2009/4/15 16:30

Heating issue in rental apartment question

OK. The boiler broke in my 4-unit building where I rent a floor. The boiler was getting patched up each year and we had some days without heat every winter. Finally it broke for good last weekend. "Coincidentally," my landlord who owns 10 or so buildings has been replacing the steam heat in 4 of them with hot water heat this spring. So maybe it wasn't that the boiler really finally blew, but rather that he has decided to change the heating systems in his buildings generally. According to my super the landlord is upset about the money he has to spend, but whatever.

Bottom line, I've had no heat for exactly one week so far, and they tell me that although they are working today, Good Friday, that the heat won't be working til next week, and that I shouldn't worry since it will be warmer soon anyway.

So I think my building will be without heat for 10-12 days or so. I'm here tonight because I needed to come home, but I've been staying at a friend's house for much of the time. I can't keep staying there forever though.

Any experienced thoughts on what my recourses are with my landlord? I think that I would propose that I pay half my rent only prorated for the time the heat has been out. In other words, if the heat's out for 12 days, I should figure out what portion of my rent equals 12 days and divide that in half, and pay the rest of the month's rent in full. I think that's a generous proposal on my part, since I can't even stay here in the apartment I pay to rent, yet I admit I do store all my stuff here so I guess I should pay something, right?

It doesn't seem to make sense to hire a lawyer to negotiate this since what I'd pay the lawyer would at least equal what I would save in rent. So do I have any automatic recourse in this situation?

I was told by my super Saturday or so that I would have heat on Tuesday. It's Friday now and again, I'm told no heat til next week.

My landlord is not the type of guy who seems particularly open to negotiations or proposals of the kind I am suggesting. That is my problem. If I suggested to him I should pay half rent for these 10-12 days, I'm pretty sure he would disagree and that he would probably file a court filing if I paid less than the full amount due.

Suggestions, experiences?

Just to vent, I called my super twice last night to ask if they would be working here today, and no reply. Yet they show up and my super pounding on my door saying he doesn't have time to discuss, they're coming in and that's that. Overall drag. I would've made plans to get out of here in advance if I just had a few hours notice, but no luck.

Posted on: 2009/4/10 14:37

Comcast Digital Flickering

Hi, long time no post. I just had Comcast Digital basic cable installed and I'm wondering if anyone else has an issue I'm having before I call them about it.

Each time I change channels, the image flickers twice before completely displaying the new channel. It's not just a minor flicker, it goes completely blank twice, and sometimes 3 times, for a few fractions of a second.

When they installed it they said, that's normal, it's digital. I was skeptical then and I get more skeptical as time goes by.

My friend has Time Warner in NY and when she changes channels there is a very minor flicker, you wouldn't even notice it unless you were looking for it.

I want to call them and tell them I'm pretty sure this is not right, but I don't want to be a curmudgeon. I just think I've had digital back in the day as well and didn't see anything like this.

So does this happen for everybody else? You couldn't possibly miss it if it happens to you.

Thanks a bunch....

Posted on: 2008/11/20 16:52

Re: Nicole's on Jersey & Columbus Avenue

I've eaten at Nicole's about 4 times, always in the restaurant rather than ordering or taking out.

I would look at every single dish they had in their steam table, ask questions, etc. I did think that most of their dishes looked either greasy or old, but not all. Old means, a few remnants in the dish and looking dry.

I would always settle on the jerk chicken or pork which looked freshest and most appealing of all their dishes. I had it a few times and it tasted great. Some of the rice dishes, while appealing in their ingredients. also looked a bit old.

They have wonderful hot sauce on the tables, it is extremely spicy. I prize sauces like this. But it also seems to sit on the tables unrefrigerated day in and day out (I assume it goes into the fridge at night, maybe I'm wrong).

I'm usually told I could take a menu and have delivery. However, I believe I am told this because if I didn't come in to look, I wouldn't have to worry about the steam table freshness and time sitting of the dishes, in part.

I got a bit sick from one time I was there. Perhaps I could or should blame it on the hot sauce but I'm not so sure.

The tricky thing with restaurants that have steam tables and not a ton of turnover -- the food can tend to sit at a temperature that is only warm, not hot enough to fight off bad germies, and can sit there for hours and hours.

Would be so much better to have fresh food prepared, though I love the idea of this place and especially their unique hot sauce.

Posted on: 2008/5/16 23:10

Re: Developer: Project 'stalled' by denial of abatement change

JC is so overdeveloped right now it is astounding. Just drive down Grand Avenue past the hospital and Pathmark. They built up a whole waterfront looking city there, um, without the waterfront. It's absolutely amazing to see the condos going up there, and has been over the past years. In the current environment, none of these places would seem to stand to sell for anything close to the asking prices of two years ago.

It's not at all prime property location, it's just pretty looking, brand spanking new, all-the-same condos in the middle of decrepit neighborhoods.

In the market of a couple of years ago, one might think that would hold up. But now, it all seems like nothing in the middle of nowhere.

So what say you all. Will it expand, will Grand become the next Grand location to move into? Or will it all fall apart as housing vacillates, corrects from all the subprime speculators?

Posted on: 2008/1/28 1:34

Re: New York / Jersey City International Boat Show - OysterFEST - Irish rock superstars Black 47


Australian wrote:
If thats your taste in music, you might like 'Midnight Oil' especially the album '10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1'.,_9,_8,_7,_6,_5,_4,_3,_2,_1

Note some of the song titles in the album!

This Australia band did very well and the singer is now in politics representing the 'Green' party I think.

He has a similar viewpoint as Black 47.

LOL I loved Midnight Oil back in the day and I'd totally go to the boatfest for the Oysterfest and the view and to walk by the river but ...

Because your link to that MO album is only highlighted as far as the number "10", it instead takes me to a Wikipedia page about the YEAR 10. Dang, I was just thinking, what was it again that happened in 10?

Rest well, Didymus

By place
Roman Empire
Differentiation of localized Teutonic tribes of the Irminones.
The Greek dynasty in Bactria is extinguished.
Publius Cornelius Dolabella is a Roman Consul.
Illyria is divided into Pannonia and Dalmatia.
Hero of Alexandria, Greek engineer (d. c. 70)
Saint Peter, one of Jesus' disciples and the first pope (d. c. 64).
Didymus Chalcenterus, Greek scholar and grammarian. (b. c. 63 BC)
Retrieved from ""

Didymus Chalcenterus (ca. 63 BC to AD 10), was a Greek scholar and grammarian who flourished in the time of Cicero and Augustus.

"His surname (meaning brazen-bowelled) came from his indefatigable industry: he was said to have written so many books (more than 3,500) that he was unable to recollect their names."

Posted on: 2006/9/22 22:01

Re: 77 Hudson will be two Manhattan-style 500-foot skyscrapers in Jersey City -including 1,000 units

Maybe it's best that it won't open for 3 years. I read today that new mortgage applications are the lowest since early 2002, I think February or March. Good luck with that, with all the "luxury" haha units being built in JC, like at the old hospital in the middle of a war zone, and off of Grand Street and Communipaw (they look like cardboard), and further up Grand. I predict they will be considered worth only slightly more than half of the current asking price in 3 years.

Posted on: 2006/8/3 1:44




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