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Re: Attempted Car Jacking starting from downtown to Westside Avenue.


it's so odd to me how people have all these great ideas and accounts of what they would've done in this situation, esp typing behind their computer in a safe, relaxed manner. But should they ever be in the front lines, gauranteed their composure would change. do you know how many 911 calls there are of suspiciousness and how often police respond to that? yes, in a perfect world it would've been a great idea to alert the authorities of what may happen next, but in reality, being followed as opposed to actually seeing the perp coming near your family in a mask and gun, reaction is all you have.

i would hope to think in a similar manner.

getting the word out about this story is key!

Posted on: 2011/11/20 14:16

Re: Attempted Car Jacking starting from downtown to Westside Avenue.

next time people should remember to obey speed limit so the criminals can easily open fire among other 11pm, being able to do 70mph in a desperate situation is warranted imo...jc cops obviously felt it was the only choice he had otherwise he would've been slapped a couple of tickets for speeding or reckless driving...but realistically, if anyone had the balls to bolt the way he did, they would do what it takes to save their family, knowing someone with a gun was behind them.

@ CSXRailfan: if you have nothing positive to contribute, i suggest you obey speed limit in that situation and see how that turns out for you...

Posted on: 2011/11/18 21:37

Re: Attempted Car Jacking starting from downtown to Westside Avenue.

I'm a father as well, born and raised in jc and was never overly concerned about our crime as we do live in an urban city, but these numerous car jackings that have increased since the summer has really gotten me concerned driving through our streets. It actually makes sense that these criminals would resort to this tactic as it's an easy way to steal a vehicle with a slim chance of being caught right away.

It seems as though the new strategy for these thieves is to pull up in another car behind un unsuspecting victim, and the passenger would approach the car with a mask and gun. It has also been reported that they would actually rear end the car they are targeting and when the owner comes out to assess the damage, they pistol whip them and leave with their vehicle. I also read instances where they jump into unlocked cars and demand the occupants to get out, again using a firearm to get their way.

These car jackers are also using luxury vehicles (bmw's and benzes) which make them the more inconspicuous. Recently they seem to be targeting other luxury cars and suvs (from M3's to Audi Q7's) as opposed to the owners of hondas/chargers/mini-vans/etc that were originally victimized. What's even more alarming is that they attack at all hours of the day and in all parts of our city.

Problem is that we as drivers sometimes feel invincible behind the wheel. We lose our awareness of potential dangerous situations. We need to be more attentive to our surroundings, especially when stopped at a light or double parked, etc. We need to monitor not just pedestrians, but now drivers as well that may look suspicious. And if you do feel that sense of danger or "being followed", as the OP, you need to drive immediately to a more populated area and not straight to your destination.

Thank you for sharing the original post as it opens our eyes to possible reactions in a potentially serious situation. All the stories we read are of those that fell victim to these low lives, but your awareness, courage and intuition proved to work in your favor.

Be safe fellow JCListers and let's hope we don't have to encounter this obvious trend.

Posted on: 2011/11/18 19:36

Re: Bars with Pool tables in Downtown Jersey City ???

PD Billiards just went through new ownership within the last couple of years and apparently it's been better maintained since, but they do not have a liquor license, so you won't find a bar there if you're looking for one.

I would recommend Willows (willow ave betw 13-14th st) in hoboken...they have 13 well maintained regulation size tables, decent bar with its only downfall as the jukebox which you need to feed in order to have's paid time, if you're interested, they have league nights with straight pool on mon night, apa nights tues-wed in both 8 ball and double jeopardy (8/9 ball) which is the largest amateur league no matter what skill level you play...some "action" shows up from time to time, if that's what you're looking for as well...but all in all clean, with a good vibe and decent street parking at night.

If you're also willing to take a drive another 15 min outside of jersey city, you can also go to Castle Billiards on rt 17s in Rutherford. Same feel as Willows, but with more tables.

I'm not a fan of bar tables, but for anyone on the west bergen side of jc, my buddy owns a bar called Mojo Lounge where they have like 3 or 4 brand new bar tables and host apa league matches there as well. They are located on the corner of westside ave and armstrong.

Posted on: 2010/6/29 13:54




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