Re: Hudson Restaurant Week Jan22-Feb2

Posted by CatDog on 2018/1/9 23:13:31
At a glance they all look pretty good. Maybe not an amazing deal, but a decent one if you were planning to get dinner. All the restaurants I checked appear to be $40 or less for 3 course dinners.

Pasta e Vino for example is $35 for:
Appetizer ($9-10)
Entree ($14-19)
Dessert ($9-12)
Glass of wine ($8)

So going off their menu price, that's $40 - $49, or for restaurant week it's $35. Not mindblowing, but still pretty good, if you're picking the right things. Somewhere between 10-30% off.

I imagine most of the restaurants are similarly discounted.

edit: took a look at VB3 (aka Villa Borghese III. super confusing having two names, I didn't even know what it was at first).

Lunch $19 for Arancini ($11) + Smokehouse Burger ($15) so you save $7 on the meal. Not too bad.

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