Re: Battello's Closing 9/15 Until 2018 - Events Canceled

Posted by davork on 2017/8/10 15:32:20

jerseymom wrote:

davork wrote:

07310 wrote:
Emergency repairs on the adjacent piers have be ongoing for the past year some of the work has been done around the clock on a 24 hour schedule.

The work on the next pier up is not the same as the work that will take place on the marina pier (once the permits are issued)

THAT pier has an electic cable connecting NJ to NYC - it has something called dielectic fluid around the electrically bits and that was leaking. The actual leak was found a few weeks ago...

Is that a brand new leak? They had a big leak last year.

Same leak - they have been removing the debris from that pier for months and finally found the leak!

Now it has to be fixed and I guess that pier needs some TLC too!

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