Re: Gringos Taqueria - Coles Street

Posted by ftthepwr518 on 2017/8/24 21:52:27
Not sure if it's the same bartender - short, young blonde girl - but I had the exact same experience. I was sitting at the bar and made to feel like I was a huge inconvenience for wanting another drink or ordering food (basic eye contact, which a decent bartender should be able to pick up on, was totally unsuccessful).

Agree that the food is NOT good. Would need a heavy dose of some good hot sauce to make it even passable, and the prices make Taqueria that much more appealing.

That said, the indoor and outdoor areas are fairly unique in DTJC, and I will probably return to give them another chance on just drinks. Really need to figure out their service issues though - I was quoted a 90-minute wait for a table, despite half of their seating being empty!

Gringo's could be huge in JC but they need to get it together badly.

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