Re: Gringos Taqueria - Coles Street

Posted by Azul_the_Cat on 2017/8/21 9:20:12
Tried Gringos for the first time on Saturday evening. We go there are around 6:30pm. The outside area was pretty full, and so was the dinning room. I was prepared for a wait, but to my surprise I was seated right away. Ordered drinks pretty quickly, and some chips w/ salsa and guacamole for the table. Chips came quickly, and were decent. Drink were okay. Not the best margarita I have ever had, but I have had far worse. We ordered the Al Pastor, Holy Mole, and Pig Out tacos. I like the Al Pastor and Pig Out the best.

Overall it was a good experience except for the service. I know the service in DTJC can leave one wishing for more; especially given our proximity to NYC, but this was one of the worst experiences yet. Our waitress seemed to be to busy chatting with her friends behind the bar than to server her tables.

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