Re: Gringos Taqueria - Coles Street

Posted by EasyGibson on 2017/6/14 23:07:58

third_street_hats wrote:
This may end up being mine and EasyGibson's favorite restaurant of all time if that open til 3am weekend taco window starts pulling away some of the lingering Talde crowd.

I've started actively hoping Talde burns to the ground. Early morning fire. No injuries. No damage to the rentals above. Just a kitchen fire that puts them out of business for 6 months to a year while they rehab. Is that wrong?

We hit peak shitty neighbor when their security guard fought a guy in MY STAIRWELL. Escorted the guy out of the club, alright solid move. Instead of diffusing the situation though, they brawled in my vestibule and fucked up my mailboxes.
While it is actually pretty funny to me, if I were not a guy that spends a lot of his time on WSHH, I might find it less funny.

Worst neighbors I've ever had, and that includes the neighbors that used to rob my roommates at gunpoint regularly. At least they were fucking quiet about it.

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