Re: Gringos Taqueria - Coles Street

Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2017/6/13 20:18:36

mfadam wrote:
Hey Dr - let's just stick to facts please. I'm all for smart commercial development. In fact a well planned out restaurant/ bar area no doubt raises property values on the whole. The key is "smart". JC has a very haphazard restaurant overlay and toothless code when it comes to distinctions between bars and restaurants. You think JCPD enforces noise code much?

So you get places like Gringos which would be far less likely to cause problems were it not surrounded by residential homes/condos. It's pretty tough to argue that a place like that open til 3am on weekends is going to be a net positive for neighboring residents. It's not much different than being close to a fraternity house or airport. People get discounts on real estate to compensate for all the negative externalities.

Furthermore being close to Chris Columbus is an apples to oranges argument. You think there's much noise coming from that road past 10PM? Nope. Plus any auto noise is much different that low end bass from bar stereos and the yelling drunks rolling out after last call.

OK, if we stick to the facts, a quick lookup of the location on Google street view, there really isn't all that much residential around it. You have maybe three buildings in the vicinity. If we go by your logic, any planned business within 50 feet of a residential building should get shelved. People live in the buildings near Porta - should we just tear that place down? By your logic, we'd never be able to put a bar, restaurant or any kind of entertainment venue anywhere in the city. You used similar disingenuous and easily disproven arguments when you railed against the horror of a Cuban restaurant opening on Montgomery St.

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