Re: Jersey City mulls changes to pedestrian plaza to address rowdy bar-goers

Posted by WhoElseCouldIBe on 2017/3/13 10:55:33

Dolomiti wrote:

iGreg wrote:
It was much better before they closed it off, seems like almost a 3rd of the storefronts are empty on that street now.

Wow. Exaggerate much? Vacancy is pretty low on that stretch of Newark Ave. There's also a number of new businesses, not all of which are restaurants.

Anyone else remember when it was a servicable road that actually allowed traffic to pass down past the PATH entrance.

Yes, that was like.... 2 years ago

The Pedestrian Plaza is still, on the whole, a big win -- and is not, ultimately, causing this problem. If there was no plaza, we'd still have a bunch of drunk & disorderly people milling about, yelling at the top of their lungs while stumbling towards their cars.

Agreed, like anything else, the pedestrian plaza does have trade offs but overall, the benefits outweigh the costs.

Almost every major city has a pedestrian street with restaurants, bars and shops. It's a great way to centralize a community.

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