Re: Jersey City mulls changes to pedestrian plaza to address rowdy bar-goers

Posted by hero69 on 2017/3/13 2:30:23

fat-ass-bike wrote:

JPhurst wrote:
Newark itself is not residential, but the adjacent blocks are. Talde is the commercial space of a residential building.

It doesn't matter if it's residential, commercial, industrial or a zone for fairies. The city planners allowed for this co-existence that appears hasn't worked and intervention is needed. Cityhall has to take into consideration that they allowed and zoned a permanent residential base in the area and a transient 'drinking' crowd on week-ends has caused the problem. Once the owners of the restaurants focused more on the needs of their drinking patrons, the more they became accountable for the QOL issues thrust upon their neighbors !
maybe landlords on newark aveneue should put in some triple pane soundproof windows....maybe much stricter enforcement by bars/restaurants regarding noice and public drunkeness such as tickets for bad behavior, requiring bars to not serve inebriated people...

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