Re: Jersey City mulls changes to pedestrian plaza to address rowdy bar-goers

Posted by bodhipooh on 2017/3/12 8:31:35

WhoElseCouldIBe wrote:

mfadam wrote:
No question the original sin is the Restaurant Overlay. It wasn't well thought out and no one put much thought into the unintended consequences. Couple that with JC's inability to enforce laws on the book (think noise ordinances) and it is no surprise QOL is an issue around these establishments.

It's gonna get worse as the restaurants are going further from Pedestrian Plaza into areas that most would consider residential.

Every applicant claims to be a "quaint neighbor friendly" restaurant. Please. It's much easier to make fast money selling booze to the broboken drunks than serving gourmet fare to the foodies.

It's really sad to think that huge Hoboken style bars are the best JC could come up with to replace all the 99 cent stores. Blown opportunity in my book...

Who considers Newark Ave residential? Even before the Pedestrian Plaza days, it was still commercial.

I was thinking the same thing... I can't imagine anyone claiming Newark Avenue is a residential area with a straight face. As long as I have lived in JC (granted, only 11 years) I have always thought of Newark Ave as a commercial street with some residential sprinkled on it, with some more in its periphery.

Besides, the argument about what has led to a rise in property values is not a binary matter: it is not one thing or the other. I think the growth in quality restaurants and bars is a definite booster of property values, just as the gentrification of the area has been such a booster. Trying to shut down Restaurant Row is not the answer (that whole thing about throwing the baby out with the bath water) but concerned citizens should work with the city to try and come up with a workable solution. Surely there is a compromise that can be reached.

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