Re: Jersey City mulls changes to pedestrian plaza to address rowdy bar-goers

Posted by 135jc on 2017/3/11 13:21:27

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nafco wrote:
how can a place like bourbon street exist or 6 street in austin, and JC cant sustain a 2 block stretch without chaos ensuing? why cant we have nice things like a ped plaza without issue?

i think this goes beyond just booze though maybe there is more police patrolling the other places in the world that open their streets to the public after drinking hours.

How about not choosing to live on or near a street riddled with restaurants?

That's a silly argument as cityhall allowed this proximity to occur; planning zones of businesses with a 'night club' element next door to residents.
Cityhall must take ownership for this problem and either they should of had an 'entertainment precinct' void of residents or introduced conditions for late night liquor licences so at not to cause an anti-social element to residents - Blame lays with city planners. It should be noted that restuarants in general, don't cause issues, but when a so-called 'restaurant' operates like a bar and its sole purpose is to sell beer and it targets patrons from a younger demographic, then that's a different story !

Newark Ave has always had bars and restaurants on it. It has always been commercial. This is nothing new. As I stated before the restaurants and bars have increased property values. If you don't like the bustle sell to someone that does

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