Re: Jersey City mulls changes to pedestrian plaza to address rowdy bar-goers

Posted by BeatrixKiddo on 2017/3/11 2:17:52

New Residents..Stop Calling Police on Bars & Silencing Church Bells
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2015/3/24 22:02
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Hi everyone. I went out this weekend and not just once but twice neighbors called the police on the noise levels at a couple local bars. I won't name the bars...but they are ones that were here before these newbies even knew the words Jersey City. They are bars and it's the weekend. You are wasting the police's time to have them come in for a second asking people to be quiet which doesn't even work...because it's a bar!! Geeee...let me buy a home in proximity of a bar and then complain that the bar is making too much noise....on the weekend! What is wrong with you rats? Holy moly! Get a life! Wow!

I also want to add that the new residents complained about the gorgeous church bells that rung on 6th and Monmouth. That was a beautiful aspect to this area and the newbies complained so much that a church now cannot ring their bells! Their Church Bells!!! Who the heck doesn't like church bells! I'm Jewish and I even love the pretty historic noise they make!

JC Make It Yours...yeah I don't think so! It was everyone's before these douches moved in! Whaaaa the bars make noise...whaaa the church rings it's bells...whaaa whaaa whaaaa...go back to Manhattan or wherever you came from! Holy mackerel

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