Re: Jersey City mulls changes to pedestrian plaza to address rowdy bar-goers

Posted by JPhurst on 2017/3/10 23:10:38
If you want to go back to the "original sin" it is not the Pedestrian Plaza. The Restaurant Row ordinance has impacted the situation much more. It took several years to get going, and the Plaza may have encouraged some more openings and traffic. But the Restaurant Row was designed to encourage this development, and we are now dealing with the side effects.

If it could not be handled, then cutting off alcohol sales earlier is a better idea than shutting down the plaza.

But I don't think the problem is unmanageable. More active police presence and cracking down on bars that are the source of the problem can be done. We are talking about a few blocks, and only a handful of the establishments that are responsible for the problem.

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