Re: Jersey City mulls changes to pedestrian plaza to address rowdy bar-goers

Posted by hero69 on 2017/3/10 20:09:24

TheBigGuy wrote:

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nafco wrote:
how can a place like bourbon street exist or 6 street in austin, and JC cant sustain a 2 block stretch without chaos ensuing? why cant we have nice things like a ped plaza without issue?

i think this goes beyond just booze though maybe there is more police patrolling the other places in the world that open their streets to the public after drinking hours.

Police are present in those locations Fam.

DTJC is pretty serene except for some pissy drunks.

And the gauntlet of "professional fund raisers" during daylight hours... have not seen them lately but there was a group who said they were from Penn State asking for money for a number of weekends.

You walk east to west to run errands, some guy hits you up and then when you return, the same guy doesn't even remember you gave him a buck 10 minutes ago?
well, the professional fund raisers are everywhere on a well trafficked manhattan, you see a pair on both sides of the street so one can't avoid walking past them...making potential eye contact

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