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from Tony's fb:

A STAGE is born

Bands, bookers, Jersey City Friends,

Lend me your ears (hands and legs). After squeezing sound systems into a Toyota Prius for the past many years, I am happy to announce that come February, Dancing Tony will again have an indoor stage downtown. Not since the nights of 58, when a 300 Watt Yamaha and a rather heavy but portable stage hosted Jersey City's artists and musicians has such a great opportunity presented itself to me.

What makes the new [ad]venture even better is that leading the transformation of FM is Ed Snyder from Ed & Mary's. Prior to before taking over the 9C space, Ed was a supreme bartender and host at Finnegan's in Hoboken, but Ed's roots in music and restaurants and bars started when he was 16 building bars which led him to installing sound systems and at the ripe age 21 he moved out to Portland Or to open his own coffee shop. In-between then and now Ed has opened and managed restaurants, DJed in Europe, and plays a mean bass. In addition to booking nights, Ed will be transforming the menu at FM to fit a musicians budget but with artists taste [translation FM will be gourmet enough]

Keeping a steady hand up front at FM will be Alan Rudolph [Owner-Operator] who formerly owned the Gold Hawk in Hoboken, I first met Alan in 2010 when he came out to Jersey City to talk about opening a venue space in Jersey City. At that time he was selling the Gold Hawk, but was looking to open up some sort of venue space in Jersey City. The Gold Hawk regularly hosted small bands and was the home of the People's Open Mic nights.

What I can say is that between us we have three people interested in expanding the music and art community here in Jersey City. Combining our talents and networks to change FM's tune.

You can keep posted on this through FM's website and of course through the Rock-it-Docket.

There's a lot on the horizon, with having a stage and built in sound system. You can expect us to showcase some great local and not so local talents as well as other events such as trivia, discography night, DJ nights and live band karaoke.

Many of you know that my first goal has always been to support, promote, and expand entertainment in Jersey City, and although my focus may be a little more concentrated with this endeavor, Running Fun is my specialty.

Thanks you kindly!
Dancing Tony

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