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Posted by JCbiscuit on 2017/5/10 12:13:06

PeteJC wrote:

JCGirl811 wrote:
It's not my first message, I closed my old email account.

My husband would only eat burgers from Marco and Pepe or Lighthorse tavern. He has been complaining about Marco and Pepe closing and I don't feel like trekking over to Lighthorse all the time so I was looking for other places and making him try other burgers. He will eat the ones at Burger. Leftbank is ok by me but he is picky and this is driving me crazy. I never noticed that place and apparently it's been by Torico's for a year.


Burger Eatery does have great food, but it's not the same as a sit/down restaurant and bar.

but maybe it will be, when they finish expanding into Ruthie's old hair salon?

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