Re: Dolma Restaurant

Posted by anonymess on 2016/11/21 17:08:31

DtJcQdMf wrote:
What is this phenomenon where every restaurant I want to go to is closed on that particular day? It's closed today :*

My route to and from the PATH takes me past Dolma and I've been wondering about that place for years. I've only seen it open a handful of times, unless they're open with the door closed and no sign indicating that. I wish them good luck but I've never seen such poor marketing in the way of signage or any marketing. I didn't even know it was a restaurant, let alone the type of cuisine, until I noticed a recent larger sign and the review. The sign must be recent. However, I could be wrong (and apologies in advance if so) as riding on my bike on the street of death keeps my mind occupied elsewhere.

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