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Posted by Fatlilpanda on 2016/3/20 8:15:55
I have been to Dolma twice for brunch and on Friday night we went for dinner.

1st Brunch (2 people)-
Turkish Poached eggs, Brioche French toast, little muffins, and coffee
Atmosphere was warm an staff was attentive
Food was outstanding

2nd brunch (4 people)
Basket of pastries, 3 Turkish Poached eggs, 1 Brioche French toast, and coffee

Again atmosphere was warm an staff was attentive
Food was outstanding

Dinner- this past Friday (2 people)
Grilled octopus- SO tender, and the pickled vegetable that accompanied it were delicious (best octopus I have ever tasted even better than octopus that I have had in Greece and Spain)

Grilled Hanger Steak Kebab- Perfectly cooked, well seasoned and the parsnip puree with it is addictive

Grilled Lamb Chops with “Dirty” Pilaf- Perfectly cooked, well seasoned, and the currants and spices in the dirty pilaf perfectly paired with the lamb

Creme Brulee- creamy and not overly sweet

Entire Meal 10/10

We got our wine at Cool Vines, just a heads up if you swing by Dolma first they give you a 10% coupon for Cool Vines

What I love about Dolma:
I love the intimate atmosphere, the flavorful food, the quality of the ingredients, the care with which each dish is prepared and its BYOB. This place has always been AMAZING for me. If you haven't checked Dolma out yet GO NOW!!!

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