Clearing Ice and Snow from Sidewalks - Enforcement?

Posted by AMo on 2017/3/16 9:30:11
Is there any evidence that the city actually enforces this ordinance? Two days later, at least eight lots on my block haven't shoveled. Pedestrians are struggling. It's dangerous.

ยง 296-1.1. - Duties of owners or occupants of residential property; time for removal.
Every owner, occupant or person having charge of a residential building or vacant lot shall, in case of a snowfall, clear such snow from the sidewalks and gutters thereof to the extent of one foot outside the curb in front of the building or lot, as well as on the side thereof where the building or lot faces on more than one street, within eight hours after the snow has fallen. If the snow has fallen during the night, removal shall be finished within eight hours after sunrise.

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