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Posted by bodhipooh on 2016/10/13 14:36:56

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Not to pile on, but the name was pretty bad also to be honest. You can name your restaurant literally anything you want, why choose something that evokes images of Port-o potties? I mean I understand that Porto is a city in Portugal, but why make it cheesy by adding a dash to make it Port-O?

Huh? It's PORTA potties, as in portable potties. I don't know of any friends that ever made the association to which you allude, but perhaps yours did. Never crossed my mind, though.

But, yeah, the place was good at times, and uneven at others. I wish I had visited them one more time before they closed. Oh, well.

These guys must really hate the name Porta Pizza! Porto was doing fine but couldn't handle the rent increase.

I was going to add something similar, but the point was not to pile on, so I left it out. But, yes... by the logic laid out by tommyc_37, Porta Pizza would be a total failure, and that is obviously not the case. That place is packed almost every day. Certainly from Thursday through Sunday it is always crowded.

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