Re: Please Help Prato Bakery

Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2017/7/27 12:08:14

K-Lo2 wrote:
Right now the VVPA is trying to prevent a Mexican restaurant from opening up, because their board and old timer members are scared of brown people congregating.

False. Absolutely false. The issue at 328 Montgomery Street pertains to historic preservation and changes made by the owner of the building, not the new tenant.

Before any plans even got submitted to the city, VVPA railed against having any commercial space in there altogether. Then of course when they found out what the intended use was (originally new space for Hard Grove Cafe) VVPA members made up doom and gloom scenarios of raucous nightclubs. This would not have happened if a French restaurant or Irish bar were being planned. The VVPA is intent on limiting and driving out businesses from their neighborhood that don't meet "certain criteria". That is a fact.

The owner's botched plan gives them a nice deflection point, but even if everything were in order with historic/city guidelines, they'd find some other reason to rail against it.

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