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Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2017/7/27 11:04:59

Dolomiti wrote:

dr_nick_riviera wrote:
The OP (squeeg) seems quite elated they're leaving and is lauding the HPNA, indicating they had something to do with this decision.

So they drove out a very popular bakery that closes in the early evenings that most of the neighborhood really enjoyed. Wonderful. I hope the NA is happy with the hair salon/real estate office/some sort of preschool they'll wind up getting in its place.

I think you misunderstand squeeg's post.

Let's note that squeeg speaks for squeeg. Not for anyone else in JC, not for residents of the neighborhood, not the HPNA. S/he didn't even mention the HPNA. S/he said "Harsimus Cove community."

Squeeg also wasn't attacking Prato, s/he was attacking the landlord. From the post in question:

"Dear Prato - we love your coffee and your baked goods and we do wish you much luck in your new was never about you or your products. It was always about your landlord who we punched in the nuts for their douchiness... "

Things have been good with Prato for well over a year now. The most recent news, as you can see in this very thread, is that Prato and/or the landlord tried to change the zoning from Cafe to Restaurant, which would allow a business there to apply for a liquor license. That was denied, but Prato did get a variance to expand from 20 seats to 34.

No one in the neighborhood has said or done anything opposing Prato since then. No one has tried to drive them out. Again, the owner said he liked being a part of the neighborhood. Despite a few issues, they've been good neighbors overall.

Or are you saying that people in the neighborhood buying coffee and sandwiches from Prato was a devious plot to kick them out of the neighborhood...?

The neighborhood residents and their respective Neighborhood Association are two totally different things. Most NAs have their own agenda, set by their (usually self-appointed and unelected) board members. It's also no secret that they are very hostile to things a modern functioning city should have, like local retail and bike lanes. All in the name of protecting their free parking and restricting development to prop up their own home values.

So while I'm sure if you polled random passerby they'd say they love Prato, but the NA board has its own agenda and its members by and large do not represent the community. Most do not even post meeting meetings or agendas (at least not in a timely manner) and when you question this, you get told to either shut up or show up to the meeting. Right now the VVPA is trying to prevent a Mexican restaurant from opening up, because their board and old timer members are scared of brown people congregating. They've also effectively blocked a development for several years and wasted a ton of city money on court and legal fees.

Any other part of the city would be begging for these types of businesses and developments to come in and most residents here want them, but these associations of old, rich white people (and their ringleader Yvonne) are dead set on driving them out.

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