Re: Please Help Prato Bakery

Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2017/7/26 20:43:54

Dolomiti wrote:

dr_nick_riviera wrote:
The NA NIMBYs claim another scalp. These worthless organizations need to be dissolved.

Oh, whatever

I don't know what squeeg knows, but it sounds like it's the landlord who has chosen not to renew the lease. Prato has been doing a good business for quite some time now. Just last month, the owner of Prato was saying he liked being part of the neighborhood, and knowing their regular customers: ... et-vendor-prato.html#more

I see no indication that the neighborhood chased them out.

Perhaps that's not the case and if so, I'll stand corrected. The OP (squeeg) seems quite elated they're leaving and is lauding the HPNA, indicating they had something to do with this decision.

So they drove out a very popular bakery that closes in the early evenings that most of the neighborhood really enjoyed. Wonderful. I hope the NA is happy with the hair salon/real estate office/some sort of preschool they'll wind up getting in its place.

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