Re: JC historic commission to vote Monday on demolition of St. Peter’s school buildings

Posted by newbie100 on 2019/2/11 12:30:30

Yvonne wrote:
A little history on that property, first it was given to the Catholics who worked in Henderson pottery factory around the early 1800s. They would cross the river to go to St. Peter's Church in Manhattan. This was done by rowing. Rowing back and forth, the men became tired and they missed Monday's work. The reason for the free land. But they did not receive the best land, it was marsh land. During the construction of the first church, it fell down. The second church, something similar to St. Francis in NYC, with an upper and lower church. Eventually, the city condemned the church and it was torn down. The final church was built in 1960 and remained until it was sold to St. Peter's Prep. The Church and Grammar school are on marsh land. There are times during heavy rain that water would spring up from the ground. The basement of the grammar school had a wavy floor from buckling. It is only a matter of time that building (grammar school) face the same fate as the first two churches. I am surprised there are no pictures shown of the floor of the grammar school. That was my parish and my children attended the grammar school.


Thanks for the historical information.

That leads to the question: Is this information about the marsh land included in the information for the vote? Also if the land is in such bad shape, is building a parking lot there worthwhile? Or should some other use be considered for that plot?

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