Re: 'What is this, Russia?' Jersey City property owners fight developer

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/7/10 15:31:29

Yvonne wrote:
bodhipooh, bodhipooh, bodhipooh, Collecting more money still put JC in the hole compared to towns that do not give out tax abatements. Before reval, the ratable base was 6 billion, about $2.4 to $2.8 billion is missing know as tax abatements. If they were added the ratable base would be nearly $9 billion and the tax rate would probably drop down to $55.00 per thousand instead of the $78.00 per thousand.

Goodness, woman. You are SO USED to your own lies, that repeating them must come easy. Adding the existing abated properties to the regular ratables will not lead to lower taxes! That's a TOTAL LIE. Those properties are paying taxes in the form of PILOTs, and the city gets to keep 95% of those funds. If you could wave a magic stick and overnight convert every abatement to a ratable, you would have a HUGE budget hole. How would that hole get plugged??

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