Re: Developers at odds over future of Jersey City neighborhood

Posted by dr_nick_riviera on 2018/7/11 16:09:24

brewster wrote:

Monroe wrote:
Maybe the local owners wanted to see the results from the multi year delayed reval? Or maybe they wanted to see if any infrastructure improvements would take place (like extending Jersey Ave, or fixing Grand St, or improving sewerage?)

Or maybe they wanted to do nothing, sit back and watch their values soar with low taxes on undeveloped property. The land has been appreciating far faster than improvements. I get doing nothing, I do it very well myself, but that isn't what they agreed to over a decade ago.

I asked this question before, why did the owner not start construction on his project that gained approval 1.5 years ago? The smaller lot owners now have targets on their backs because of this guy. Yes eminent domain is shitty, but Mecca really drove a knife through the back of his neighbors for stalling construction as long as he did. They should be equally angry at him.

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