Re: See the former convent that has been transformed into condos

Posted by iGreg on 2018/5/14 20:35:59

Bread wrote:
What an amazingly insensitive additions to a lovely set of buildings.

If there was an architect, they did not try very hard to incorporate the new additions to add interest to either the top nor to the sides of the existing buildings. Just sort of plopped a few boxes on top of the roofs.

Too bad. Either it was the architect's fault or a developer who was too cheap to be creative.

WTF Sherm ? they truly went the distance with the brick and blue stone facade restoration in accordance with the Historic Districts designation and are merely asking 500k for a 2 bedroom that overlooks lovely Lincoln Park in a very exclusive 16 unit dogma free environment!!!


"The building is located inside Jersey City's West Bergen-East Lincoln Park Historic District, and even though the developer's plans were in place prior to the historic designation, pains were taken to keep the historical integrity of the building. For example, custom-made wood windows were produced to match the existing ones and the brick and blue stone facade was restored."

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