Deeded Roof question

Posted by SRhia on 2018/5/13 13:17:24
We own the top floor of a small brownstone building, and the roof is deeded to us - we have the right to build a deck there (with condo assoc approval). Currently, there's nothing on the roof, and it is 100% maintained by the condo assoc.

A downstairs neighbor is looking into installing ductless AC and may need to put a compressor on the roof - which is deeded to us.

This is new to us, and we're wondering if anyone can provide insight into a situation like this?

- Any reasons for allowing this (besides good neighbor relations)?

- Any reasons to not allow this?

- Pitfalls?

- if we allow this, what do we need (and ask for from the neighbor) to make sure we are protected - from a legal and monetary perspective?

We assume we will need to get a lawyer to get all responsibilities written down on paper, and signed if we go ahead with the neighbor?

Thank you in advance for any feedback!

PS also want to note that we may, or may not, also install a separate ductless AC unit along with the neighbor. We are in the "exploratory" stage and just got a contractor here for the initial visit together. Still haven't decided if it is a "go" for us or not.

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