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Posted by iGreg on 2018/5/13 12:15:32

Nostalgic old fart, you probably shopped at Rickels and went to ballgames at Roosevelt Stadium.



neverleft wrote:
I saw the bad news this week in the JJ a CLOSING STORE advertisement for the KMART on Rt. 440. Up to 70% off the odd thing was there was also a now hiring seasonal workers line at the bottom. Hmmm. I thought it may be one of those scams where because of the 130 Sears/Kmart stores closing nationwide they would use the CLOSING STORE as a flimflam to draw you in. Well it was true there is a big STORE CLOSING sign up on the front of KMART. I went inside and sure enough everything is marked as sale and some shelves are already empty. (was looking for deals on Craftsman tools)

I have been going to KMART since I guess the 70’s always a good place to pick up a few things. (and yes the cashier lines were just as sloooow and long back then) I used to enjoy the little KMART Café inside but that was removed maybe 15 years ago. The greatest Sunrise Surprise Breakfast Platter of all times!!! (thank you Ethel)

I asked around inside the store and someone said it is not a corporate thing it is a lease issue and the landlord wants them out. (just a rumor) I looked at the JC tax increase list and I think the property taxes are going up 200K. Maybe the landlord is looking for a rent increase or maybe they are fishing around for new tenants because of the coming Bayfront project…don’t know.

5/13/2018 – Someone also said its last day is 90 days from today. (again just a rumor)

KMART will be added to the list of these lost rt 440 department stores.

Great Eastern
Two Guys (where Loews is now)

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