Re: Kushner in New Jersey unraveling

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/7/7 22:11:37

CatDog wrote:

Yvonne wrote:
I find it amazing how liberals tout themselves as tolerant until you have a different point of view. Then the hate and bullying comes out. It is bullying plain and simple.
You said the secret word!!
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I like how this has become a constant refrain from the very same people that spew hatred against every minority group on the planet. That somehow we all need to be tolerant of your hatred and lies and bigotry. It's almost comical how frequently right wingers complain about the "so-called tolerant left" and my favorite recent example is this: ... is-forced-out-of-building

The church maintains it is not intolerant of others beliefs, but that it's finding those on the other side of this issue are intolerant of the beliefs of Remnant Fellowship Church.

"whaaaaaa, why won't the left tolerate us telling gays that they are all going to burn in hell?"

As much as I dislike Yvonne, and agree with your overall point about certain people/organizations demanding/expecting tolerance for their outrageous views, I do feel compelled to point out that I think some liberals willfully conflate the attitudes or behavior of some far right kooks with that of your garden variety conservative. That's just intellectually dishonest.

Being a conservative, or Republican, does not automatically make you a bigot or a kook.

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