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Posted by Yvonne on 2018/7/7 7:15:20

bodhipooh wrote:

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Yvonne wrote:
This information on his personal life did not bother Fulop when he gave the tax abatements in 2013 along with $10 million in redevelopment bonds.

That's not the same Kushner. The KRE Group Kushners are Murray and Jonathan. Murray is Charles' brother. They are estranged.

This has been pointed out to Yvonne on multiple occasions. But, as usual, she ignores any facts that stand in the way of her narrative. Her actual answer to someone pointing out to her that these were two different people (and, who are estranged from each other) was "well, I don't believe they are estranged because they are brothers". She is legit ignoring established facts to push her false narrative. I have said it before, people like Yvonne are an embarrassment and a danger to society and democracy. Her wanton lies are truly deplorable.

The one thing you can count on from JClist and some of its bloggers, is the fact, they trash someone who posts a different point of view, believing they are defenders of truth but are are nothing but bullies.

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