Re: Kushner in New Jersey unraveling

Posted by light12v on 2018/4/28 2:31:36

stillinjc wrote:
I would not be surprised if Kushner were 100% correct. It would look bad on Fulop's Democratic resume going forward that he struck a deal with Kushner. In these Twitter-driven times it could be a kiss of death.

Nothing is ever 100% in this blame game banter, but one need look no further than a Key Rat in this Deal's sudden departure from his lucrative JCRA position, the complete disarray of City Hall Operations with emphasis on JC Planning, Zoning & Building Departments & Wildcard Fulop's Pre&Post election Manipulations [check his E.O. writings to date] to see the big picture of why JC has turned Toxic for Investors.

Bracketed Mis-Representational Photo Ops, Theatrics, Unqualified Political Hires, Unidirectional Tweeting & Strong Arm Tactics does not serve to substitute for Professionalism & Timely Production.
Fulop, simply stated, doesn't deliver the goods.

Amateur Hour City Hall Operations coupled with the fact that Fulop has seriously pissed off too many to list here, including some powerful players in the political arena leaving his political capital in question is a real deal-breaker IMHO.

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