Re: Kushner in New Jersey unraveling

Posted by bodhipooh on 2018/4/24 17:07:03

stillinjc wrote:
I would not be surprised if Kushner were 100% correct. It would look bad on Fulop's Democratic resume going forward that he struck a deal with Kushner. In these Twitter-driven times it could be a kiss of death.

Be that as it may, the mayor (and, the city administration) can not, on a whim, renege on a deal for no good reason which could in turn lead to costly litigation. Exhibit 1: the suspension/delay of the real estate reval.

That is, quite simply, an irresponsible and cavalier attitude about their fiduciary duty to be conscientious and judicious stewards of the people's money. Costly legal battles can and will zap a good chunk of the taxes the city collects from all of us.

It's always a lot easier to make certain stands and bets when gambling with other people's money. I hope the mayor and the city have valid grounds to renege on a deal. If they don't, stop the games and hold up your end of the bargain.

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