Re: Logistics of 2 Family Home in the Heights

Posted by TheNewGuy on 2018/4/10 16:19:51
I'll look into whatever law there are regarding the requirement of having a HoA in a 2 family and report back when/if I find anything. Though, it seems like the whether or not this is required, its in everyone's best interest to have one, if only to prevent the commingling of funds if you choose to efficiently self-manage as Brewster suggests.

I am similarly curious if there are generally abitration/mediation clauses in the HoA by-laws since I've read that its usually the developer who basically sets these upon the creation of the HoA (and I don't envision many people going to the trouble of changing them once they're set).

That being said, while arbitration and/or mediation isn't cheap (and definitely a headache if things have gotten to that point), it seems as though most developers try to minimize common elements to the extent possible (i.e. just driveway, garage, front door, foyer, and common steps/hallway).

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