Re: Logistics of 2 Family Home in the Heights

Posted by brewster on 2018/4/10 13:13:43

caj11 wrote:
I'll put in my 2 cents here, hopefully it helps.

When looking at a 2-family home like the one you spoke of, because the duplex shared a sewer line, a realtor told me the law required an HOA to be formed and an outside management company to handle payment of water and sewer bills. I don't know if there is such a law, and though it seems silly to use an outside management company just to pay a water bill for 2 units (because there probably won't be much else for them to do), but I think it is a necessary evil because the water/sewer bill has to be paid somehow and who wants to deal with the awkwardness of asking your neighbor for money every month.

I can think of so many other ways to handle that. If it were me, I'd open a bank account in the HOA name and require a certain balance be maintained by regular transfers for common charges like sewer, hallway lights, and minor common maintenance. If the balance gets higher than, say, 300% the usual outlay the association can agree to suspend a month. It's not like the hired manager would have any more leverage over a recalcitrant member than the other member.

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