Re: Jersey City Council to introduce $587 million budget with zero tax increase

Posted by T-Bird on 2018/3/20 14:17:47
Take a breath and re-read. It's not at all like the analogy you pose. He directly benefits from something he's identified as not only wrong but harming others. Yes, he should by all means advocate for a fix and try to effect change. But:

1) other than burping on here about it six times a day, I don't think he's really trying to do anything.

2) He doesn't believe things are changeable here (he constantly drones on about how local democratic rule prevents anything good from happening, ever.)

3.) The analogous people to whom you refer aren't benefiting from Trump's policies. They are working to change things that are harmful, either to themselves or others.


bodhipooh wrote:

What? By that logic, all liberals are more morally compromised than conservatives, and all should leave the country, instead of actively opposing the president and the policies they find morally abhorrent.

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